Operation Toto’s Africa

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So I just want to share my latest accomplishment with you all: Mindi Scott, whose debut novel will be published by Simon Pulse in 2010 (can’t wait!), told me she heard Toto’s Africa and thought of me. Other people have said this to me as well.


And that makes me so happy!

In fact, the latest incident of the Toto’s Africa-Courtney Connection came in the form of this BRILLIANT video, sent to me by my good friend Kelvin via Twitter:

At first, I thought he was sending it because I was recently complaining about how my Relaxation CD of Thunderstorm noises was too wimpy for my enjoyment but then the video hit 1:48–so make sure you watch it through–and it STUNNED me with its AMAZINGNESS.

And I understood.

I am really starting to think Africa is that song that comes along once every nine hundred years. You know, one of those songs that is made of MAGIC. How can you listen to it and NOT love that you are alive to listen to it? Honestly!

Toto’s Africa was also featured on an episode of Chuck:

AND on Scrubs:

JoJo even sampled it on her song Anything:

Have YOU found Toto’s Africa?

I am even currently trying to figure out how to incorporate Toto’s Africa into my latest YA novel but I’m afraid someone will tell me the teenagers of today don’t know Toto’s Africa (that pained me, to type that), so consider this my blog campaign to familiarize the younger generation with this INCREDIBLE SONG.

And please admire my tenacity and dedication to my cause. Or be appalled. Whichever. Or.


Take up the cause yourself.