Dani Noir Winners & Other Stuff

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First, many thanks to everyone who entered my Dani Noir contest! Not only am I thrilled at the number of people who are interested in this fab fab fab book, all of your answers were winningly Rita-esque. So winningly Rita-esque, in fact, I’m thrilled I didn’t have to judge them and pick an actual winner. Too hard!

So after I stripped the answers of all identifiers, I emailed them to my mom and asked her to pick her favourite. She spent a good amount of time poring over them and chose…

Khy’s answer! And what would Rita Hayworth do, according to Khy?

Just dance.

I KNOW. Immediately after declaring Khy the winner, my mom and I had this exchange:

Her: As soon as I saw [Khy’s answer], the song popped into my head!
Me: BECAUSE YOU LOVE LADY GAGA. *thrilled squeal*
Her: I never said that and I will deny it. Who’s Lady Gaga?

She killed an angel when she said that, I am certain of it. :(

Anyway, with Mom’s winner selected, I plugged all of the entrants into a random number generator, held my breath and the winner of the random draw is…


Congratulations, Khy and Dia! I hope you both love the book as much as I do! Thanks again to all those who entered, and for your wonderful and inventive answers! I wish I could’ve given EVERYONE a copy. Dani Noir is just that terrific.

In other, semi-related news, my Lady Gaga glasses came in the mail last week! If you follow my Twitter, this is not really news to you. If you’ve added me on Facebook, this is also not really news to you. If you follow my Twitter and added me on Facebook you can even SEE ME IN THE SUNGLASSES but reposting that picture here seems excessive somehow. I will just say I love knowing that when I am wearing my Lady Gaga glasses I never have to look anyone directly in the eye.

That’s a liberating feeling.

By the way, did I tell you I scrapped all 100 pages of my new novel? Aye, I did. It just goes to show you no matter how much you prepare sometimes your novel will tell you to go STRAIGHT TO HELL TO RETHINK IT. I’m cool with that, though. Now I’m 14 pages into this new thing and I like it a whole lot better. I think it will be a good book. Or maybe it won’t. Because every time I say something about writing, it turns out to be a lie!

I guess I will just have to write it and see.

You know what makes it hard to write it and see?

Lamebook. My good friend Lori introduced me to Lamebook. I don’t know whether to thank her or shake my fist at her for this, but either way, Lamebook is my new favourite thing on the internet. Probably I am the last person in the world to be introduced to it.

But just in case I’m not: what is Lamebook? Lamebook is “The Lamest and Funniest of Facebook.” I love it. It is hilarious and disturbing. It is also a great etiquette guide for Facebook. As in: don’t be like the Facebook users featured on this page.

Anyway, here is one of my favourite submissions:

image from Lamebook


That’s awful.

Anyways, have you opened it up yet? You have? Good! Now we can all look at Lamebook for hours when we should be doing more important things for the rest of the day TOGETHER!