Happy Canada Day, Jason Vorhees!

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Happy Canada Day! Being Canadian, this day has some significance to me. I love Canada very much. My friend Lori posted this on her Facebook and I decided to steal it from her and share it with you because I don’t know how many of you know this about Canada (or at least, Eastern Ontario, which is where I’m from):

image via my confined space

Yes, that’s right.

image via wikipedia

I like what Google did with their logo to mark this wonderful day:

image via google

True story: Canada also has ketchup flavoured chips and Poutine (which is divine). And what Americans call Smarties, we call Rockets. And what Canadians call Smarties, America does not distribute. Also we spell things with a u, which I think looks a lot better. How does colour get by without U? It has no balance otherwise! And we all know there is no honour without U. Favourite isn’t even without U. I could go on. Sara Zarr wrote a fun blog entry about Canada after a recent visit. You should read it.

Fun Fact about this Canadian: I did not always say “eh,” but my friends did. And I wanted to be just like them so I forced myself to say it until it finally became second nature. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if they decided to jump off a bridge? Probably I would have done it with them while screaming, “EEEEEEH!”

And they would have thought I was so cool and finally accepted me for the person I pretended to be when I was around them. *sniff*

I am celebrating Canada Day with this movie:

The Friday the 13th remake! I also celebrated June 30th with this movie. I watched it twice. I may watch it twice tomorrow! I really liked it a lot. It had a good “feel.” I also got Freddy vs. Jason, but halfway through watching it, I had to stop and start up the remake again because sometimes Freddy doesn’t take things seriously enough for me. Actually, I don’t know if you guys know this, but Freddy Kreuger’s a bit of a jerk.


Anyway, I like how the remake brings the FEAR back into it. Whether or not it’s a truly scary movie (jury is out; I just like watching Jason!), I feel like there’s something more TRUE to the original installments in this one than the later ones. Like, I could feel the summery-ness and the desperate need to SURVIVE emanating off of Jason’s victims, which is something even Jason Takes Manhatten managed to keep alive, NEW LINE CINEMA WHEN YOU DON’T PRODUCE WITH PARAMOUNT JASON X. Anyway. Did that paragraph sound too involved? I take my Friday the 13th seriously, okay.

Also I liked how many artful Jason Vorhees shots it featured:

Tyra would call all that posing FIERCE.

True story: this part of Friday the 13th Part 2:

Inspired me to take these photographs:

Does this make me a certain type of geek? I have always wanted to take photographs inspired by horror movies, but what would the neighbours think? And speaking of neighbours, what is that word without U? And what horror movie will YOU be watching this Canada Day? Er. I mean, how will you be celebrating? And if you’re not Canadian, did you know in Canada, milk comes in BAGS?


Anyway, sometimes I look at where these blog entries begin and where they end up and I am amazed I write books.