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Some Girls Are is now available for pre-order on amazon, and chapters! It looks like it’s coming out January 5th, 2010–the same day as Alyson Noel’s third installment in The Immortals series. Very cool!

SGA was also listed in Publishers Weekly’s Spring 2010 Sneak Previews, along with quite a few other books I’m really looking forward to reading.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in creative limbo, slowly trying eke out words while stuff goes on around me that demands nearly all of my attention and emotional energy but I guess that’s life and that’s the way life is sometimes. I will say this: it’s VERY frustrating when your heart is in something, and the rest of you is being pulled in all different not-awesome directions.

Sooo I’m hoping to level off enough to focus soon. Or else. And this basically means I’m currently in a weird position of trying to recharge my batteries and give myself a break without taking a writing break because taking a break from writing is pretty much impossible for me to contemplate (I know someone who can attest to this coughLoricough).

Mostly I have been attempting battery recharging by watching horror movies and waiting for a shift and trying to be content with an output of like three words a day*.

FASCINATING, I know. They are very good movies at least. Minus 28 Weeks Later, which sucks after the banging opening. And the Dawn of the Dead remake which I guess is not very good so much as very satisfying. And I guess that could be said for the Friday the 13th remake too.