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I know, I know. Bad blogger. I’m dealing with an unexpected event right now and it’s an ongoing thing. No worries, but I’ve had and have to prioritize accordingly. Life, dudes. Life. I’ve spent the majority of this week trying to get back on the ball. So far getting back on the ball has involved copying and pasting all the emails I have yet to reply to into notepad, staring at them and weeping softly.


But it’s not ALL glamorous soft weeping. Last Tuesday, I got the final cover for Some Girls Are! Unfortunately, I can’t reveal it yet but I’m seriously looking forward to that point in the future where I can. I absolutely love it. My editor and cover designer worked super hard to get it perfect and I can say, without reservation, that they did. I was also chuffed to see SGA spotlighted at Sharon’s blog for Waiting on Wednesday yesterday.

Other happy-making things: C.K. Kelly Martin, who is one of my all-time favourite YA authors, released a short story called Orange Crush for Stop, Drop & Read’s blog anniversary! If you loved her debut, I Know It’s Over, you should check it out. You should check it out anyway, though. It’s centered around Holland, Nick’s sister and it’s fantastic. Another thing I really enjoyed on the internets as of late was readergirlz’s Art Saves project. Check out the posts there or on the amazing Little Willow’s blog.

I am binge listening to Muse a lot lately. These guys are so fantastic! They know how to PERFORM. And you can tell when you watch them it’s what they were meant to do. And if it’s not what they are meant to do, they are excellent fakers. I will see these guys in concert some day if it is the last thing I do. Check out this live performance of Apocalypse Please from the HAARP DVD:

Is that not brilliant? It is brilliant.

More soon.