Some Girls Are Updates… & More Sims

courtneyprocrastination, some girls are (your mom)

I got my first pass pages today! I’m really looking forward to sitting down with them and reading Some Girls Are as it looks as a book. The last time I did this with Cracked Up to Be, it felt like something had changed in the reading, but in a positive way.

Uhm, hopefully I will have the same experience this time around.

St. Martin’s Press put their Winter 2010 catalogs online! If you check out the St. Martin’s Griffin catalog, you can see the listing for Some Girls Are! It has a non-final version of the cover and the full plot summary (which I’ve also posted on my Some Girls Are page).

And that is about all that is new over here. Which only leaves A SIMS UPDATE! So much happens when you play this game for hours at a time.

I am dedicating this sim update to Annika.

SO ANYWAY, things are going well with my sim and Shirtless Sam. Now that they are married, they are living the life. Sam got paid $20,000 to streak at a party (did I mention he only has to work on like, the weekends? I KNOW). They fill their days talking about lewd acts involving handcuffs and slow-dancing in the living room with their hands positioned in inappropriate places. My sims are so in love.

Still, my sim really wanted to have a baby. It kept popping up in her aspiration meter. But I think we have established how I feel about raising sim children. After a lot of thinking and ultimately deciding I could always NOT save my progress if it didn’t work out, I decided my sims would adopt a child and see how it went, but not a baby, even though my sim wanted a baby (you can adopt a baby, toddler or child). So I built an extension onto the house.

I thought (and still think) it is HIDEOUS. It breaks up the beautiful layout I had going. So that wasn’t very promising. I already resent this kid and I haven’t even met it yet, right? Anyway, after the day-long wait (that is how long it takes to adopt a child in Simland), the adoption agency dropped off the latest addition to my sim family. It was a girl and her name was Caryl. Within like five minutes of arriving, she was already acting like a burdensome handful, making a mess of the fish tank and playing in said mess:

Our maid was APPALLED. She has just finished cleaning.

I wasn’t sure it was going to work out, to be honest. Also it was really hard to keep Caryl’s needs levels up AND make her do well in school. In fact, when her grades really started to slip, the game threatened to call social services on me (jerks).

AND when I invited her headmaster over for dinner to influence him and boost Caryl’s grades and send her to private school, he said that my sims were no good! Even though he had a grand time in the luv-tub out on the deck. Jackass. But that all happened later. Back to where I left off. So within five minutes of arriving, Caryl is a hellion and I am not sure I want to make her a permanent addition. Even though Caryl was adjusting well and seem to really like her new family, especially her new mom.

Aww. It didn’t carry enough weight with me to save my progress, though. Meanwhile, parenthood was wearing my sim down to the point she could not even eat the turkey dinner she slaved over in the kitchen without falling asleep IN that turkey dinner, so this also had to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not Caryl could stay.

It didn’t seem very promising for Caryl.

BUT THEN! A BURGLAR HAPPENED! I mean, a burglar tried to rob our house.

Luckily, I had an alarm installed in our house so the police came before anything was taken.


Just when I thought it couldn’t get anymore exciting, CARYL CAME OUT AND CHEERED THE FIGHT ON.

And that was so freaking fierce of her, it was the moment I decided she could stay. I saved my progress. Anyway, the burglar was apprehended. Since then, Shirtless Sam and Caryl’s aspiration meters show them wanting to see the ghost of the burglar so uhm… I’m taking that to mean the police murdered the burglar. That is sad, but the police gave us some money as a reward for having a part in the burglar’s apprehension. Or for keeping our silence. I’m not so sure anymore.

Anyway, after about 7 days, Caryl became a teenager. I didn’t throw her a party, but I did cry a little. They grow up so fast.

I am going to be sending her off to college soon, and then I have to choose between demolishing her room or maybe making my sim have an actual baby, because having a baby is STILL in her wants and I guess I care about her happiness. But then I discovered that if male sims (but not female sims!) are abducted by aliens, they can become impregnated with an alien baby so maybe I will have that happen instead.