True Romance

courtneyprocrastination, some girls are (your mom)

I got an email from my editor saying first pass pages were on their way! Which means I get to see what the pages of Some Girls Are will look like and make any last changes for the finished copies. The cover reveal and ARCS have yet to happen, but it’s crazy to think how close January 2010 is!

I am excited and nervous to think of my mean girls out in the world, being mean.

Meanwhile, I have moved out of the achy-joint hurty stage of my plague and graduated to the I Cough So Hard I Wake Myself Up at Night stage. This is UNCOOL.

It also means lots of Sims.

Look at my house. I am so proud of my house:

My sim is enjoying life post-college:

She worked as a Tarot Card reader but she quit because she’s rich and didn’t actually need to work and those are the kind of values I like to instill in my rich sims. She is also an accomplished guitarist. I have decided she is the lead guitarist in a band that is as popular as Muse.

As you can also see, her relationship with Shirtless Sam is going well (and that he actually wears a shirt sometimes!). Once I found out Shirtless Sam’s profession is Professional Party Guest, I decided I couldn’t kill him. I mean, how cool is that? He gets PAID GOOD MONEY TO SHOW UP AT PARTIES. Which is totally understandable because he is kind of hot and I wish I had his job. Anyway, this bit of knowledge made him infinitely more marry-able to my sim.

Anyway, here are the lovebirds contemplating their future together:

Until my sim got a little bit commitment-phobic and had a freak-out on a park bench:

After she got that out of her system, my sim and Shirtless Sam decided to get married:

Yeah, I don’t know wtf my sim is wearing. That is her FORMAL wear. That is her WEDDING DRESS. That is WHAT SHE WORE TO HER WEDDING. Oh well. It could be worse. It could look like the eighties.

Anyways, after they got married, I found out that Shirtless Sam was like, ten days younger than my sim, so I bought the Elixer of Life with my aspiration points and made her drink until she was only one day older. I am kind of hoping they get old and die together, but if it looks like it will be otherwise, maybe I will just have them make a suicide pact and shuffle loose this mortal coil while they’re still young and beautiful.

This is how they spend their nights:

Married life agreed with Shirtless Sam too well and he ended up gaining a lot of poundage, so I made him exercise all that excess weight off on the treadmill until little stink rays emitted from his body (not pictured, but I thought you would like to know).

So they are pretty happy together. I worry that Shirtless Sam is a bad influence, though.


Their mothers would be MORTIFIED.

So I am trying to save them from ever finding the truth out about their childrens’ appalling dining habits. To do this, I make sure my sims never pick up the phone when their mothers call.

Anyway, despite HATING looking after sim children, I am debating whether or not to make them have a kid because I feel like I am obligated to keep the family line going or something. Or I could adopt a fully grown kid and then I could shuttle them off to college more quickly. Either way, it is a big life decision. So while I try to figure it out, I make my sims stargaze a lot because I’ve heard they can get abducted by aliens that way and I want to see that happen.

The sad thing is, I am not actually sure if I truly enjoy this game or not. It is kind of doing wonders for my prioritizing, though. Every time I play it, I get so overwhelmed with guilt, I quit the game, work on my book frantically and try to write back to emails as penance. So maybe it doesn’t matter if I enjoy it?