Vampires Are Ridiculous

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I haven’t updated my blog because I’m afraid the day after I do, I’ll get the go ahead to share my cover, and then the blog entry I wrote before that moment will be lost to my cover reveal forever. And it takes me FOREVER to write these things, you guys!

BUT THEN I was like, maybe I won’t get the go ahead to show my cover until I try that? Maybe that’s exactly how it has to happen and it’s the only thing that’s standing between me and the go ahead for my cover reveal? So maybe I should just see if that logic works? Except this type of logic fails me every time because lately I close emails to my friends with I GET TO REVEAL MY COVER TOMORROW LOL NOT REALLY BUT MAYBE IF I SAY IT HERE IT WILL BE TRUE!


It’s not my fault I love my cover that much.

Last week, I was interviewed by the incredibly talented and very awesome author/illustrator, Realm Lovejoy! We talked about Some Girls Are and you can read it all right here. One of the neatest things ever about this particular interview is that Realm illustrated a picture of Regina Afton, who is the main character in Some Girls Are, to go along with it. I gave her a description of Regina to the best of my limited abilities and she came back with Regina, inside and out. My jaw dropped when I saw it.

Is that not amazing?! It blows me away every time I look at it. I’ve made it my desktop, I love it so much! Mine is just one of a series of interviews Realm is doing with accompanying illustrations. Visit her blog to see the rest. A favourite of mine is the one she did with the super cool Suzie Townsend, one of the many agents who make FinePrint Literary Management so darn sparkly.

I have also been hearing some really positive early feedback about Some Girls Are, which has been making me really happy and excited. It’s been called “brutal” by a family member and “gut-wrenching,” by someone who is not related to me or knows me personally! My dear friend Lori, who Cracked Up to Be is dedicated to, gave SGA its first GoodReads review (spoiler-free!).

My dear friend Kim Hutt, aka the mastermind behind What Claudia Wore and What Chuck Wore said: “Some Girls Are makes Cracked Up to Be look like My Little Pony,” (!) and, “I tried so hard not to race through it, but in the end I was like Claudia with a bag full of Hershey’s Kisses. It was doomed from the start and now there’s chocolate everywhere.

I have no words. Just moved tears.

Anyway, I am so far away from where I last left my Sims I’m having a hard time knowing how to update from where I left off. They’ve had three kids, all girls (one adopted, one not, and an alien baby), become vampires, been cured of vampirism, become vampires again, became zombies and died a few times. I resurrected them a lot because I am having a hard time letting them go. It’s like it’s grade seven and I own a Tamagotchi all over again.

Anyway, here is a video of Shirtless Sam stalking everywhere and flying around like a bat with his crazy vampire powers:


Then again, most vampires do.


(Pass it on!)