Some Girls Are – The Cover!

courtneyomg, some girls are (your mom)

Man, I LOVE checking my email and getting that one from my editor that says, “You can share your cover now!” And then I LOVE sending one back to her that basically says, “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” And then I LOVE getting one back minutes later that says, “I thought that would make you happy!”

People I may have bugged unrelenetlessly about showing my cover to the world: my awesome editor.

But! It’s so wonderful, you guys! I couldn’t help myself. My editor and the cover designer worked really hard to make the face of the book perfectly reflect the text on the inside and they did it. They just totally did it. And they went through many rejected covers to do it.

I don’t even know what else to say. I’m EXCITED! I REALLY love this cover.

THANK YOU, St. Martin’s Press!

Okay, enough segue! Here it is:

Some Girls Are

That’s Regina, you guys. That is totally how she is described. And the red locker! Aaah! It has some significance that I will not spoil for you, but I’m so glad that red locker found its way onto the book cover, because it REALLY pops in person. That red locker is 99% of the reason I’ve been making out with my ARCs non-stop since I got them.

AND because I can show you what the cover looks like, I can now show you the ARCs, which are even prettier in person–the colour of the sweater, the locker are so vivid. Except I kind of washed them out with the flash, which is a biproduct of the environmentally friendly lighting system in our house. But trust me: VIVID. And totally sexy.



By the way, have YOU entered my contest for your chance to win this cover? I mean, ARC?

You’ve got until the 14th!