c’est l’halloween


THIS IS A HALLOWEEN POST! Happy Halloween! It is the most wonderful time of the year! Here is a song I learned in French class about Halloween when I was a kid that I have never ever forgotten. It’s called C’est L’Halloween. Any other Canucks remember this or learn it too? Was it strictly a Canadian thing? In any case, you need this song in your life:

This year, I dressed up as a Lady Gaga fan to hand out bags of chips to demanding children wearing costumes. I don’t want want to say I went all out, because, well:

I didn’t. Mostly because I didn’t want to upstage the pumpkins. In the Summers’ household, pumkin carving is a time to GO BIG OR GO HOME. Here are some pumpkins from years past:

From left to right: Shaun (from Shaun of the Dead), Nosferatu ascending the stairs and zombies from the cover of the Dawn of the Dead remake. These are all my pumpkins, as my sister was out of the country at the time. But THEN! My sister came back, and last year we carved pumpkins together and it was magical. I did Karen Cooper from Night of the Living Dead:

And then she outdid me with The Joker:

In a sad twist of fate, my Karen Cooper pumpkin rotted and exploded before I ever got the chance to put it out. This year, after some extensive perusing of The Internets, Megan decided she wanted to do the cheshire cat from American McGee’s Alice:

And I decided to do Ash (Bruce Campbell) from The Evil Dead:

I got my pattern from zombie pumpkins (I love zombie pumpkins!) and I do not know where my sister got hers from and it’s too late to ask her. Anyway, the pattern she printed wasn’t clear enough, so she redrew the WHOLE THING BY HAND, which took a day. And then she started punching out the pattern which took the better part of another day. And then one more day to complete it. We take this pumpkin carving stuff seriously, folks. Or she does. I made fun of her the whole time she did it, what can I say.

Anyway, here are the cheshire cat and Ash in pumpkin form!:


Here is the detail on my sister’s pumpkin because it took her 500 years to carve and I figure I can give her a few seconds of facetime on my blog because I’m generous like that and also she carved the harder parts of my pumpkin for me when I started to cry:


WELL DONE, SISTER, if you are reading this. And finally, here is a clip from Hocus Pocus because your Halloween evening–nay, YOUR LIFE–will not be complete without one:

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!