Some Girls Are – Chapter 2 + Teasers, Up Now!

courtneysome girls are (your mom)

In celebration of yesterday’s good news and the fact that I cannot think of one way to follow it up with an ordinary blog entry, I am releasing TWO teaser videos for Some Girls Are and THE SECOND CHAPTER instead today. Also in celebration I am using less segue to do it! Yay!

Here is video teaser #2, entitled, “Hallowell High.”

And now I present to you the second chapter. I was going to tell you that AWFUL STUFF IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN but awful stuff already went down in chapter one, so… FURTHER AWFUL STUFF IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. But you have to read and find out what that awful stuff is!

Read the second chapter as a snazzy PDF file here or on site, here!

If you’re reading on site, scroll down to “Monday” if you’ve read the first chapter. That is where the new awful stuff begins. Here is some trivia! The second chapter of Some Girls Are was actually the first until like. April of this year. I KNOW!


And that is that.

As always, thank you to the wonderful Kim Hutt for giving voice to Regina.

I really hope you guys enjoy reading and watching! And stay tuned for future video teasers (and at least four ARC giveaways of Some Girls Are to go with them!) and the third chapter before release!