Some Girls Are – The Book Trailer!

courtneyomg, some girls are (your mom)

Oh hay, welcome to the INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE of the Some Girls Are BOOK TRAILER.

Yes, I had to announce it that way. Had to!

So I will not bore you with how excited I have been to put this up and unleash it upon the internets, so without further ado:

I hope you like it! My minimalist heart had fun putting it together. Please feel free to go to that Youtube page, rate it, comment and you know. Embed it! Everywhere! If that is your thing. And if you want to know what happened between Regina and Donnie at that party, you can read the first chapter of the novel here!

I’m chuffed to say this week has been very good to Some Girls Are. The amazing Book Chick gave it a glowing, spoiler-free review here, in which she called it a must-must-must (!) read. I got a wonderful email from a supercool bookseller in Australia who got an early read that made my week (thank you, Sonja!) and the awesome Tye, of The Book Gryffin, reviewed Some Girls Are and said, “READ IT. If you are a parent, READ IT. If you are a teacher, READ IT. If you have any interaction with adolescents, READ IT. ” Check out the full, spoiler-free review here!

More news: at the suggestion of my awesome publisher, I’ve created a Facebook Page for my books. ALL book-related updates will go there as soon as I have them. I will be leaving the everyday stuff, like my love for Lady Gaga and her new sunglasses, to my Facebook profile (which you are always free to friend me at) and uhm, here. So if you want UP-TO-THE-SECOND news on my books, like when the next chapter of Some Girls Are is up, I’d definitely suggest becoming a fan. Facebook and Twitter often get the latest first. EVEN BEFORE THIS BLOG.

I know!

And that is all my news that is fit to print. I was going to mention how I am woefully–and I mean WOEFULLY–behind on emails, but that is not really news. SIGH.