video teasers & bookshelves

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Yesterday, on Facebook and Twitter, I released the first of nine (NINE!) video teasers for Some Girls Are. Each teaser includes an audio snippet of the novel, as read by the amazing Kim Hutt, who gave her time and voice to make my mean girl narration come to life (thank you, Kim!). That audio is accompanied by some, well, visuals. Check it:

AND it turns out some Some Girls Are ARC giveaways just might happen with future video teaser releases… so stay tuned. In the mean time, the GoodReads giveaway is still going on and, if you have an account, entering to win a copy is a piece of cake.

Light, fluffy, delicious cake.

On a happy-making note, the super cool and super nice Tye, of The Book Gryffin, interviewed me! Her questions, ranging from my feelings on book-banning and adults who might have trouble with Some Girls Are, were very thoughtful and fun to answer. You can check it out here! Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Tye!

And on a very surreal note, a bookshelf was named after me. No, really. The hilariously awesome Korianne of Korianne Speaks got a bookshelf that was made in Canada and she NAMED IT AFTER ME. Because, you see, I was also made in Canada. And coincidentally, some people have told me I resemble a bookshelf.

Anyway, even if the bookshelf is, as Korianne tells me, very unstable (me and Courtney Summers the Bookshelf MAY have this in common), I am greatly honoured. Check out this blog entry over at Korianne’s to see the proof of this glorious event because I know this sounds like something I’d totally lie about. The Great Naming Announcement is in the second vlog, but it goes without saying you should watch all of her vlogs. ALSO! She is wearing Lady Gaga glasses in her vlog, WHICH IS THE PERFECT SEGUE INTO MY NEXT PARAGRAPH…

I shamelessly admit to being glued to BBC Radio 1 the other night so I could hear the premiere of Lady Gaga’s new song, Bad Romance. The wait was agonizing, I tell you. AGONIZING! And the radio personalities kept talking about Robbie Williams and it DISTURBED ME. But it was so worth it in the end because the song is AMAZING (of course).

I’ve had it on repeat ever since that beautiful moment it graced my ears. Have y’all heard it? What does everyone think? Gaga does it again, Y/Y? YYYYY. I have decided I need to get married so I can stomp down the aisle to this song, take THAT JK Wedding Dance that I have watched a million times and cried at each time! So that is my new, latest, greatest ambition. My LAST greatest ambition was having a bookshelf named after me, but. Well. Y’know.

And I know, I know. It is always Some Girls Are and Lady Gaga with me lately. I can never think of things to blog about and so I wait for Some Girls Are and Lady Gaga stuff to happen to me so I can write about them. Someone recently insinutated–TO MY FACE! AND NOT EVEN ON THE INTERNET!–that I should not have trouble thinking up blog entries to write about because I am a writer.



I was like UGH MAYBE I WILL WRITE A BLOG ENTRY ABOUT HOW RUDE I THINK YOU ARE but then I had some cookies instead and my anger melted away. Yum.