another some girls are arc giveaway! yay!

courtneysome girls are (your mom), werewolves suck

So I THINK the only way I can possibly make up for my appalling lack of blogging lately is by holding another giveaway for a Some Girls Are ARC! Yeah, that’s right. ANOTHER SOME GIRLS ARE ARC GIVEAWAY. But before I tell you what you need to do to enter to win, we are going to play catch-up. So let’s get the most important news out of the way:

I have not seen New Moon yet.

I know.


Okay, that is not REALLY the MOST important news, but I like to give the Twilight Saga a certain GRAVITAS when I blog about it, in case you haven’t noticed. Here is a picture I drawed recently. It is sort of Twilight related, but mostly it is art:


UGH I HATE WEREWOLVES SO MUCH. But I LOVE drawing pictures of stick people with their heads on fire. It makes me LOL hardcore. When my sister told me to draw a stick figure WEREWOLF with its head on fire, I was like, GOD THAT IS INSPIRED and then I visualized it and I laughed so hard I cried and then I drew that through my mirthful tears. Is it wrong that I love to draw stick people with their heads aflame? I get such a kick out of them, I even mentioned them in Cracked Up to Be (see pages 30-31).

Stupid werewolves aside, I released the fourth teaser trailer for Some Girls Are. Check it out:

Doesn’t Kim sound amazing? I am making evil Ursula-type plans to steal her voice.

On Tuesday, I gave my first ever talk to high schoolers about writing and publishing! I was pretty nervous–full of anticipation!–but it went really well, in my humble opinion. I was lucky enough to be speaking to a really engaged group of teenagers who were great listeners, open to discussion and asked fantastic questions at the end. Thank you so much to all at CHSS, for making me feel so welcome! You are the standard to which I will hold all future audiences to and I don’t know if you’ll ever be topped.

AND THEN, before that Tuesday and after that Tuesday, some more great blog reviews of Some Girls Are came in! And all of them are spoiler free, so I’m going to share them with you. Man, I’m getting really amped for release, y’all (so soon!). So the fabulous Gail, at Ticket to Anywhere, gave SGA an incredible teaser review here! It also contains the Some Girls Are playlist–I’m so thrilled she asked for it and incorporated it into her post. Thank you, Gail! So if you want to know what you COULD listen to while you read SGA, you should check it out.

The ever-lovely Tiffany Schmidt (who is a fantastic teacher and kindly gave me some dead-on advice about speaking to high school students because she is so cool and She Knows About Such Things) said positively glowing things about Some Girls Are here and her review totally got to me, in the best way. Thank you, Tiffany!

The wonderful Bobbie of Muse and Vent reviewed SGA on her blog yesterday, here. She said, among other things, “This book isn’t comfortable to read. It will make you ache. It will make you think way too much about things you probably don’t want to think about and haven’t thought about in a long time.” And my face was :D when I read it. Thank you, Bobbie!

And finally, the awesome Adele at Persnickety Snark gave SGA a vlog review! You can watch it here or RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG because I can’t resist embedding it because omg you guise:

Some Girls Are from Persnickety on Vimeo.

How cool is that?! First of all, Adele makes vlogging look effortless. Second of all, SHE IS TALKING ABOUT MY BOOK IN HER AUSTRALIAN ACCENT! Full disclosure: I have always wanted an Australian accent, but it was just not meant to be. I can’t even fake one. And I have TRIED. But it has all worked out in the end because I have a lot of Australian friends for some reason and they are all much cooler than I could ever hope to be. I hope they don’t read this and think that I am only friends with them because of their accents though.

Anyway, thank you Gail, Bobbie, Tiffany and Adele for the lovely reviews! I can think of no better segue into SGA ARC giveaway deets, except maybe a picture of a werewolf with its head on fire.


If you want a shot at winning an ARC of Some Girls Are that looks just like that one (which went to Steph of Steph Su Reads who entered and won a contest JUST LIKE THIS ONE, if you are ever skeptical that people actually WIN the contests I host), you must:

01) Be from the US or Canada
02) Comment on this entry (AT MY WEBSITE–not on Facebook, LJ etc) by December 10th
03) On December 11th, I will put the names into a hat and randomly draw the winner
04) I will email the winner/announce them on my blog (24 hours to get back to me, or I redraw)
05) Fin.

And if you’re feeling very generous, you could help spread the word by sharing this on a PLETHORA of social networks. Like Twitter. Just click the SHARE button on the bottom of this entry and go to town. Super easy! I mean if you wanna. But you should know I would appreciate it and so would he:


Actually who am I kidding. No he wouldn’t. Werewolves don’t appreciate ANYTHING.