Chapter 3 of Some Girls Are is Online! Check it Out!

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This entry consists entirely of Some Girls Are updates, just so you know. I will have more interesting things to say when I announce the winner of the ARC contest (related: I AM ALARMED AT HOW MANY OF YOU ARE PRO-WEREWOLF), but right now my life basically consists of trying to stay ahead of my inbox, writing, and being SNOWED IN. The weather is horrendous, I have to say. Anyway.

Oh, look! It is another Some Girls Are video teaser for your viewing pleasure!

Introducing Kara, one of the most sick and twisted individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing…

And that’s not all–you can now read the third chapter of Some Girls Are as a PDF file here or all three chapters of Some Girls Are on this website, right here! Please note, this is the last chapter of Some Girls Are that will be uploaded for your reading pleasure. If you want to know what happens to Regina (and golly, do things ever happen to her–awful, terrible things!), you’ll need to pick up a finished copy on January 5th OR you can enter my contest to win an ARC here (ends tomorrow).

Speaking of Some Girls Are ARC giveaways, the wonderful Steph of Steph Su Reads is also hosting one. Her giveaway ends on December 25th and is open to International Entries. Go here to find out more. Steph also gave Some Girls Are an incredible review here and then generously took the time to interview me and ask great questions here. Thank you, Steph!

Some Girls Are also got an incredible vlog review from Kody Keplinger here. Kody is the author of THE DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) coming out next Fall from Little Brown’s Poppy imprint. I am SO looking forward to reading it and I’m thrilled she liked SGA. Thank you, Kody! And finally, Loretta Nyhan gave Some Girls Are a glowing rec here. Thank you, Loretta!

And that is all the Some Girls Are news that is fit to print.

You guys, I don’t want to alarm anyone but I think all of this stuff going on might mean I have a book coming out in less than a month.