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Last week totally got away from me! AND ALL THE REST ARE ABOUT TO. The winner of the Teri Hall giveaway was Jess and she was notified last week. Congrats, Jess! I hope you enjoy The Line as much as I did! And thanks to the rest of you for entering–I hope you’ll check the book out. It’s so worth it.

AND please stay tuned because later this week, I’ll be posting an interview with the amazing Anna Jarzab, which will include a giveaway for her debut, All Unquiet Things, which I absolutely loved.

I have some news:

1) Some Girls Are is a nominee for YALSA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults (!!!)


2) The title of book 3 has been made official. It will be called FALL FOR ANYTHING. No release date yet, but I will be spamming everything up just as soon as I have one, no doubt.

Here is more news: I am on a major deadline for FFA and I have lots of work to do, so I must away for a couple months (well, “away” in the sense that I am going to try to strike that balance between working like mad and also staying visible enough that people still remember my name COURTNEY WINTERS remember it also I told that joke like three weeks ago on Twitter, rock). Imagine me under a book and the only way to get out from under that book is to WRITE LIKE I HAVE NEVER WRIT BEFORE! I apologize for the absence that has seem to defined so much of the first half of my 2010–I truly feel bad for my lack of participation in my usual internet haunts–but it must be so.

That said, I need you to know these things:

  • IF YOU HAVE EMAILED ME OR ARE GOING TO… it could be a while before you hear a response (yeah I know someone out there is going, “AND THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM HOW YOU NORMALLY ARE WITH EMAILS IN WHAT WAY?”). But I like to think I was consistently inconsistent. So now I will be more inconsistent THAN THAT. So that is not very delightful. I have decided for the sake of uhm, continued writing progress, when I respond to email will be determined by the progress I’ve made writing! Which yeah, is pretty… vague. (If the email is urgent you will hear from me within a timely fashion.) I try to reply to @ replies on Twitter as much as possible so if you need to contact me about something and feel comfortable doing so in a public capacity that’s an option.

  • I CAN’T DO any interviews or supply books for giveaways at the moment, beyond what I have already committed to. I’m sorry. I’ve tried to maintain a balance these last few months and it always ends up with someone who has been kind enough to give me their time and blogging space waiting to hear back from me for far longer than they should have to. That’s not fair and I don’t want to string anyone along.

  • I WILL be on Twitter and Facebook, so you might want to follow me on there or add this page here. Remind me to be on these two things in moderation because they are just SO MUCH FUN!

  • I WILL update the book pages on my website weekly, so if you want to keep up with who has reviewed it or, if you’re a book blogger who has posted a review and want to see if I’ve posted it, you can check that out (thank you for reading and blogging!).

  • So stay tuned for my interview with Anna Jarzab later this week! THERE WILL BE A GIVEAWAY! How can you go wrong?

    And that’s it.

    OH WAIT! One more thing!

    Oh yeah.