Halloween 2: Attack of the Chipmunk!


So there is this chipmunk at my grandmother’s house that is crazy levels of tame. He thinks he’s people! We are pretty sure he’s going to hibernate in a cozy, secret space in my grandmother’s porch and so we are doing our part to help by interfering with nature making sure he’s set for the winter. We give him lots of peanuts. He LOVES peanuts. He BEGS for peanuts. He hops up to the door and begs through the glass and he has crawled up legs and sat on knees for them. This is terrible, objectively, but also it is adorable.

Remember my pumpkin? I don’t blame you for forgetting about it. It was only two days ago I blogged about it, after all. Since you have probably forgotten all about it, here is my pumpkin:

Tonight, I went to my grandmother’s house armed with ingredients for my Halloween Feast (which turned out AMAZINGLY TASTY, jsyk) and set the pumpkins outside to light when the trick or treaters started rolling in. I still lamented that they were not the best pumpkins we’ve ever carved, but at least we were celebrating the season! While I did this, the chipmunk hopped around my feet and got some peanuts for being so adorable and then I went inside and he studied my pumpkin.


Or maybe our chipmunk is an artist and thought taking a chunk out of the mouth was all my pumpkin needed to be PERFECT? But still, whether it was an act of vandalism or artistic expression–rude! he could’ve asked permission before he started carving away with his teeth!

After we discovered it, we did the only reasonable thing there was to do. We promptly awarded his bad behaviour with more peanuts:

And actually, his creative touch on my pumpkin didn’t turn out so bad at all. Here it is lit next to an adorable and awesome ghost my grandmother created (which we also used as a center piece for the Halloween feast!) when it was still light out and then when it was dark, in all its ghostly pumpkiny glory. Pretty awesome, huh?

Soooo… remember when I told you 2010 was a pumpkin disaster of epic proportions? I LIED. In the end, my pumpkin turned out beautiful thanks to the help of Picasso the Chipmunk and my sister shaved down the inside of her pumpkin and it looked MUCH better. It looked EXCELLENT. It’s amazing what a little shaving and a more natural setting can do for a pumpkin! So I take back what I said before. This year was an Official Pumpkin Success!

Especially for him.