Are you a book blogger? Want Fall for Anything?

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EDIT, NOVEMBER 27th: I woke up to a surprising (to me!) amount of emails expressing regret that I’d posted the call to US book bloggers during what is pretty much a holiday week, so I am extending the invitation to submit your info until December 2nd. I also got numerous emails throughout the week from people who weren’t sure if they met the monthly hit criteria or were close to it, so I’ve adjusted that as well–submit your info if you have at least 500 unique monthly visitors OR have been blogging for at least 6 months. Please remember books are sent at my publisher’s discretion and not guaranteed.

I know–I’ve been a bad blogger. But at least the last post I left you with had a picture of an adorable chipmunk on it? I don’t anticipate my bad blogging changing until the first draft of Book 4 is done, and hopefully that will happen before Fall for Anything launches. IT IS A MANIC RACE AGAINST TIME, is what I’m saying, so wish me well. Speaking of bloggers, if you are a US-based book blogger, you might want to stick around because this blog entry has information that is relevant to your interests.

It’s been a good month for Fall for Anything and it is not even out yet! (Thank goodness, see above paragraph.) I’m thrilled to share that it’s received a starred review from both Kirkus and Booklist and 4.5 stars on from RT Book Reviews! Kirkus called it, “an unusual, bold effort that deserves attention,” and Booklist called it “hauntingly written and compulsively readable,” and RT Book Reviews called it “a fearless and wonderfully executed young adult novel.” Yay!

Also: there are 8 days left on GoodReads’ Fall for Anything giveaway and if you haven’t entered, you should! Free books! Right here! Yay!

OK! And now onto the purpose of this blog post. Are you a US-based book blogger with at least 500 unique monthly visitors or a book blogger who has been blogging at least 6 months interested in receiving a review copy of Fall for Anything? AKA this book right here?

Then please hit up my contact form on my contact page (click here) and let me know! Include your name, your blog URL and snail mail address (we need to know where to send the book!) by Thursday, December 2. I will be passing on a list of interested book bloggers along to the fine folks at SMP and we will see what we can do about getting a copy of the book into your hands.


1) I won’t be emailing back to let you know I got your info–it’s not personal, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But THANK YOU for wanting to read it. I really appreciate it!

2) My publisher will send out copies at their discretion, so this means expressing interest and providing info does not guarantee you a copy.

3) Please do not ask me to bend the rules for you. “I’m not a book blogger, but…” or “I just started my blog five minutes ago, but…” or “I live overseas, but…” — it’s out of my hands. I will delete those emails without passing them along, so you might as well use the time you’d spend sending me the email I’ll end up deleting enjoying the sunshine! Unless it is really grey and overcast where you are like it is here. Then I would make some popcorn and curl up next to the fire, if you have one.

And that is all!

I am now going to resume my manic Book 4 writing. Happy November!