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January has been pretty good to mean girls! I’m so thrilled to share that Some Girls are was selected as a YALSA/ALA 2011 Top Ten Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers (along with Kody Keplinger’s debut, The DUFF–congrats, Kody!), ALA selected it for their 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults list and it’s a 2010 Cybil finalist in the young adult fiction category. I’m so happy and grateful about this. Librarians and book bloggers and librarian book bloggers (book-blogging librarians?) are AMAZING and that is all there is to it.

For anyone crazy enough to disagree:

(I never get tired of that one.)

For reals, the lists are a fantastic resource for any reader and I have to say I was particularly excited to see CJ Omololu’s Dirty Little Secrets, Amy Reed’s Beautiful and Carol Lynch Williams’s Glimpse on the Quick Picks list and Lucy Christopher’s Stolen, Tara Kelly’s Harmonic Feedback, Melina Marchetta’s Finnikin of the Rock, Daisy Whitney’s The Mockingbirds and Glimpse on the Best Fiction for Young Adults list. They’re all books I’ve read in the last year or so and loved very much. If you haven’t read them wat, I say wat, are you waiting for?!

So judging by the fact my last blog entry was written last year, I have been deliciously neglecting… my blog. Sorry! Despite this, I’ve been taking care to keep the What People Are Saying section of Fall for Anything’s page updated, so if you want to check out what people are saying about it head on over. Thank you, as always, to those who have taken the time to help spread the word about Fall for Anything, online and off. It really, really helps.

Anyways, the reason I have been so deliciously neglecting certain aspects of my online life is because, well. I’m busy and I’m tired, Internets! I spent the holidays launching Fall for Anything whilst juggling family-centric holiday stuff (as you do) and revising the last 130 pages of Book 4, which blossomed into 160 pages or something ridiculous before emailing it to my editor directly after the new year. Yes, it is with my editor, which makes me equal parts afraid–the good kind of fear–and happy. I think that emotion is called ‘hafraidness,’ but don’t quote me on that. But sweet beautiful wonderfulness it is off my desk for the moment and that is a very nice feeling.

And because my new year’s resolution is to write two books this year (I never make new year’s resolutions but the world is ending in 2012, so), I decided to take the opportunity to start outlining and working on Book 5. This is what that outline looks like so far:

Then I wrote like 25 pages of Book 5 on my Treadmill Desk (MORE ON MY TREADMILL DESK IN A SECOND IN CASE YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK AND DO NOT KNOW) emailed my agent and said I wanted to see if I could finish this thing by the end of March or early April because I am insane or because, as my good friend Kim suggested to me recently, I secretly <3 the pressure. Probably she is right. But anyway, let's BACK THE EFF UP and talk about my treadmill desk! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you have heard all about it and you are bored of it all by now but check out my treadmill desk those of you who don’t know and those of you who have seen it already:

Treadmill desks have always been in my periphery thanks to authors like Arthur Slade, Joelle Anthony, Marsha Skrypuch and Helene Boudreau (all Canadians!) and this year, I decided to take the plunge and get one for myself. I gots me a treadmill and my handywoman of a mother (you would never see my mom on Canada’s Worst Handyman ever, just FYI) threw together the desk in like a day. The above photo was taken when it was a work-in-progress. Now it is painted to match the treadmill and has a drink holder and is altogether fancier, I say:

I have had it less than a week, but I am cautiously optimistic about a long-term commitment to it and excited about the health benefits! It feels kinda perfect. I’ve tried various exercise regimes and they’re all eventually lost to me because I’m a bit of a workaholic and if I’m not working, I feel like I’m WASTING TIME. Capitals. And then exercising feels like a CHORE. And the time I spend doing it just crawwwwls by and tears flow down my cheeks and it is all very depressing. Basically, I look at exercise as something I need to get over with until I eventually give it up.

That’s awful.

But this! THIS! This marries productivity and healthy exercising in such a beautiful way that time actually flies by on it which is the most amazing thing. And it did not take long to get the hang of walking and typing AT ALL. Basically, I love it.

I also love adding “sent from my treadmill desk” to the end of the emails I send from my treadmill desk, which is way awesomer than sending an email from an iPad/Pod/Phone, Blackberry, whatever you crazy kids are using to communicate with other people these days. SENT FROM MY TREADMILL DESK. AW YEAH.

(This blog entry, I should note, was not written from my treadmill desk but it could have been. I KNOW. I just blew your mind.)