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Oh man, guys. I know. I’m on a bit of an everything hiatus while I tackle revisions on Book 4, which are an intense, all-consuming thing right now. I’m behind on blogs, I won’t be able to catch up on emails for some time (but I will get back to you as soon as the book is handed in), I’m pretty much not on Twitter and uhm I have been posting on Facebook to get through the Twitter withdrawal but I AM ONLY HUMAN OKAY.


Exciting news! I was on CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera today (February 26th)! I talked about dropping out of high school and teenagers and writing and I was interviewed by Sook-Yin Lee. If you want to hear the show, you can go to this page and download it. Or you can just right click and save this link. My segment starts at 32:50 and goes until 40:39!

It’s all very lucky this happened because just this week I was thinking about how I hadn’t blogged anything for a while and then I was thinking about how things were so boring there was barely anything TO blog about so maybe that made it okay and then I decided it’s still been too long and I should blog ANYWAY and long story short, I was like thisclose to talking about how obsessed I have been with the Resident Evil movies lately, to the point where I sometimes stop whatever I’m working on and daydream about how many dangerous things I wish I was capable of doing while wearing a red dress with combat boots.

But now I don’t have to! Now I can blog about talking on the radio! Thanks, CBC!

So this was basically a neat and unexpected turn of events. My first radio interview! With the CBC, no less. Trivia: ever since Cracked Up to Be to be came out my parents–die hard CBC listeners/viewers–have been trying to pressure me into figuring out a way to let the CBC know I exist because how awesome would that be? I could not deny it would be awesome but it also felt like ~The Impossible Dream~ so I just smiled and nodded whenever they started talking about it and went back to work.

Besides, I couldn’t really figure out the logistics for such things, either. Like, do I run up to the studio doors and set my books in front of them and run away and hope for the best? I am sure there are more professional ways to introduce yourself to the CBC but as an extremely introverted hermit writer that was the only one that truly sat well with me.

Needless to say, it was a teensy bit shocking when a very nice producer by the name of Joff emailed and asked if I’d be interested in sharing my story about dropping out for their show about Kids in Charge. First thing I thought after saying yes and ascertaining that my parents had not done the whole book-drop-and-flee thing while my back was turned?


I know, I know. Radio. Yes. Still, just because you can’t see me on the radio doesn’t mean I couldn’t see MYSELF.

And I would now like you to imagine me as beautifully and impeccably dressed while I relate the rest of this story.

So it was all organized and on Friday morning I was on my way to CFRC in Kingston, so I could sit in their studio and talk to Sook-Yin Lee, who would be in Toronto and Joff, who would be in Winnipeg. RADIO MAGIC. It was the most nervewracking drive ever. I’ve been a fan of Sook-Yin Lee since I was little and she was on MuchMusic and it was hard to wrap my head around the idea of like. Talking to her. And it was hard to wrap my head around the idea of talking out loud for radio purposes and having those things that I said be heard by lots of people. I mean, I write so I don’t have to talk, you guys. Writing is the only way I sound vaguely articulate. Everything that comes out of my mouth in real life sounds like “HA HA HA VELOCIRAPTORS SPARKLES ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BOOK 4 DEADLINES WHEE [ANGRY YELLING]!”

My mom and sister came with me. Moral support. What could possibly go wrong with them nearby? Their excitement levels kept my panic levels equalized.

But in some ways they also made them worse.


Mom: Can I bring the camera?
Me: No.
Mom: Come on!
Me: I don’t want my picture taken!
Mom: Let me bring the camera.
Mom: Pleeaaaaaaseeee?
Me: Fine. But DON’T use the flash, okay?
Mom: I would never! Give me some credit, here.

So I got to CRFC early and hung out in the lounge with my family, anxiously staring at clocks. Counting down the seconds. And then it was just about time! I was taken into the recording area (my sister and mom sat in the room outside of it and we could see each other through a big window) by the nice guy working there, sat on a stool and then a microphone was put directly in front of my face and my nervousness increased EXPONENTIALLY. For a second there, I was legitimately concerned I would fall off my stool. Or be sick to my stomach. On the mic. That wouldn’t have been very cool so I turned to the window so I could maybe get a thumbs-up or a wave of encouragement from my mom and my sister that would make me feel better when

Yes, I turned around just in time to get a faceful of CAMERA FLASH from my mom. Internet, it was amazing how she went from promising me she would use no flash to using EVERY SINGLE FLASH that little Nikon CoolPix had. It seriously wasn’t just one flash, people. It was ALL of them. It was like FLASH! FLASHFLASH! FLASH! FLAAAAAAASSSSSH! It was so bright it illuminated the room she was in. And the room I was in. And the room every single person within a 20 km radius was in. It was also so powerfully strong of a flash, the earth’s temperature went up ten degrees. Yes, that’s right. Global warming is my mother’s fault. Annddd since I was looking directly at it, IT BLINDED ME! There were spots in front of my eyes. I COULDN’T SEE! I guess she put the camera away after that but I didn’t know because I couldn’t see ANYTHING.

And then of course it was time to go on.

And I couldn’t see anything.

So that is the story of how my mother temporarily blinded me.

I mean, of how I was interviewed for DNTO.

It was fun! Sook-Yin Lee is amazing and so was Joff. I have to admit, it will be a while before I’ll be able to listen to the segment myself (nerveees) but my parents were really pleased with it and that is good enough for me. I hope you are too because that would also be awesome.


In other news, it has been a great month for some great people that I know. First, my crit partner, Emily Hainsworth, recently announced the sale of her young adult novel, Through To You to Balzer+Bray/HarperCollins in a two book deal. It’s due out Fall 2012. I’ve had the total pleasure of following it from its very beginnings and trust me when I tell you guys–you do NOT WANT TO MISS THIS BOOK. Add it to your GoodReads now!

Next, my friend Linda Grimes, recently announced HER two book deal with Tor! That makes us Macmillan cousins, I think! Linda’s blog is amazing, so just imagine how fantastic her books are gonna be! I am so excited for her and cannot wait to read both of ’em!

And finally, remember Mindi Scott and her incredible debut Freefall? I had the pleasure of interviewing her recently! Well, she announced the sale of her sophomore novel, Live Through This, and it’s hitting shelves Fall 2012. As a total fan of hers, my anticipation hat is ON.

Yay Emily, Linda and Mindi! That’s my kind of good news!

Anndddd on that note–it is now back to the revision cave. Thanks for your patience while I’m dropped off the face of the planet. More from me when I get out… if I ever get out.

*ominous music*