thank you


Yesterday, people gathered at my grandmother’s house to celebrate my dad’s life.

My dad would have been so touched to see the faces that came out to pay their respects. His brothers. Friends he lost contact with but always thought the world of. Friends and faculty from school, who were such a large part of his world these last two years and who made the whole experience that much more rewarding. Family who drove from so far away because they couldn’t imagine not being there to say goodbye and thank you to Dave. We’ve gotten phone calls and cards and flowers from so many different people who were so shocked to hear he’d died but grateful they got the opportunity to know him. He honestly would not have believed the level of love he inspired–he really underestimated his impact–but he would have been so incredibly touched by it all. I know we were.

This was my father. I’m sorry for everyone who has lost him but after yesterday, I’m sad for everyone who won’t get to know him too.

I wanted to post this entry to thank everyone who has contacted me–be it here, my email, through comments on Facebook, replies on Twitter, private messages on both, places the blog entry fed into, sent flowers, cards… friends and readers and kind strangers… you’ve offered condolences and support, warm thoughts, prayers, some of you even shared stories of your own loss and shown understanding. My family read every last message. Every last one.

I don’t think anything about this can be made easier–now that the flurry is over, we are all bracing ourselves for what’s next–but I do want to tell you that your reaching out meant the world to us and it has made a difference. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t even really seem to cut it in return, honestly, but it’s all I’ve got. And I really mean it.

Thank you so much.