THIS IS NOT A TEST book trailer reveal!

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EDIT, APRIL 10th: The winner of the THIS IS NOT A TEST arc is Patricia Karounos/@patriciakar! Thank you so much everyone who took the time to enter and who helped spread the word about TINAT and its trailer! I’m so grateful. And I’m sure this won’t be the last contest, so as always, stay tuned. :)

I am about to give away a THIS IS NOT A TEST arc! Right here in this space (which is my blog in case you are reading this from a feed)! But I have some other things to say first, so I’m going to be cruel and make you read them before getting to the goods! Bam! Because in my world scrollbars don’t exist and no one can skip over anything I say? I am not sure.

First: I have reached a scary point in various deadlines and outstanding obligations where I can’t reply back to emails unless I have written a certain amount. DO NOT ASK ME HOW THAT IS GOING. Watch THIS IS NOT A TEST’s book trailer instead! And if you have already watched it, watch it again because why not!

Direct link in case you can’t see:

I’m so excited to reveal it because the sounds, at a certain point, capture what I think my zombies sound like! AND, even more importantly, I got to debut my blurbs! You may remember Daisy’s, as I shared it earlier this year, but here are all three as they will appear on the back of the book, which I just got to see recently anditissopretty:

This Is Not a Test is both sexy and desolate, and it will blast a hole through your heart, yet somehow start to stitch it back together again.” – Daisy Whitney, author of The Mockingbirds and The Rivals

“Courtney Summers is a ferocious talent in YA fiction. This Is Not a Test brought me to tears, caused me to gasp in shock in public places, and almost put a stop to my heart… Summers’s voice is raw with emotion and utterly right for the impending zombie apocalypse.” – Nova Ren Suma, author of Imaginary Girls

“[Courtney Summers] bleds all the perfection and simplicity that defines her writing so well with this added paranormal elements for a snappy, exciting story I just couldn’t stop reading, and then I got to the very end and realized that it was about so much more than just making it out alive.” – Julie Cross, author of Tempest

I admire these authors so much and that they gave their time to read THIS IS NOT A TEST and offer up such kind endorsements means the world to me. Thank you, Daisy, Nova and Julie!

SO, in celebration of all of these things, I think it’s time to give away a signed (personalized, if you want!) THIS IS NOT A TEST arc. They look like this:

This giveaway is open to International entries. Here is what you have to do:

1) Watch the trailer!
2) Comment on this blog entry (here on my site and not on a feed) saying you want to win an ARC!


3) If you share or have shared the trailer on Twitter, your blog, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook or Goodreads and include the links to where you shared it in your comment so I can confirm this, you will get one extra entry per place you’ve shared. So say you tweeted it, blogged it, pinned it, tumbled it, Facebooked it or Goodreads statused it, you would get six extra entries on top of the one you get for commenting!

IMPORTANT: you only get an extra entry per place shared, not how many times you’ve shared in one place. If you tweet it 18 times, thanks! But you’d still only get one entry. I posted the trailer here on my Facebook so you can click the share button from there. You don’t have to, but then you can just say you clicked share and I should be able to confirm easily though there, provided your entry name and FB name match. Finally, if you say you’ve shared the trailer but don’t share the links to where in your comment, I won’t count those entries, sorry–and I don’t really have the time to chase after the links. Them’s the rules and it wouldn’t be fair to other entrants.

I know how frustrating it can be to have to jump through a lot of hoops for a contest, so I just want to re-emphasize that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE IT IN ANY/ALL OF THESE PLACES TO BE ENTERED. All you have to do is watch the trailer and comment on this blog entry on my site. Word of mouth is such an important part of every book’s release, so every little bit helps–but you are certainly not obligated.

Anyways, contest ends April 10th. Winner will be announced in an addendum on this blog entry April 11th. (Why not the same day! Makes more sense!) Again, this contest is open to International entries. So have at it, world!

It would be so nice if you did.

(Speaking of giveaways, if you live in the US and are a member of GoodReads, they are giving away 20 copies of THIS IS NOT A TEST until March 31st. Click here. And if you live in the US and are a member of LibraryThing, they have 26 copies of THIS IS NOT A TEST up for grabs until March 26th. Click here. So many giveaways!)