this is not a test is out!

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I hope when people see how un-updated my blog is they assume it’s because I’m writing books. Lots and lots and lots of books. Or maybe just the same book for the last six months? But we’re not going to talk about that book. We are going to talk about this one!

It is my zombie novel, THIS IS NOT A TEST!

It is officially out!

As of TODAY!

Here are some things about THIS IS NOT A TEST that you may or may not know!

1. It has a book trailer! (Maybe you knew that.)

2. In the first draft, there were two extra characters. They did not make it. But they live on in Grace and Harrison.

3. Sloane’s last name, Price, is for Vincent Price. Just because.
Just because Vincent Price is a dashing man, I mean.

4. There are four nods/references to certain zombie pop culture in the book. Booklist has guessed one of them. I have given one away in a blog interview. The other two have remained, to my knowledge, undiscovered.

5. Night of the Living Dead is referenced–and there is a character with the last name Romero–in FALL FOR ANYTHING because I was 90% sure I’d be writing a zombie novel next. So why not!

6. Considerable angsting went into whether or not anyone should ever utter the Z word on-page.

7. THIS IS NOT A TEST is one of the hardest books I have ever written.

And finally, and most importantly to me,

8. THIS IS NOT A TEST is dedicated to my dad.

I wish he could see it.

I’m really and truly thrilled to have this book out in the world. I’ve said it before, but if I never write another zombie novel, I’m glad this was the one I did. And I owe SO MUCH of its being written to others–my family and my friends! My editor, publisher and agent! A supportive community of readers and bloggers! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the work and encouragement that helped get this book on the shelves.

Thank you.

If you pick up THIS IS NOT A TEST, I hope you find it worth your time.

PS: I am going to try to blog at least once a month (WHAT A CRAZY AMOUNT, I know) but just so you know, up-to-the-minute updates can always always always be found on my Twitter or Facebook.