This is Not a Test… the TV movie?

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Hello again! Two blog entries in the same month! Gasp!

I will have to not blog in July just to make up for it.

THIS IS NOT A TEST’s release week was really something else. I’m still reeling from it, all tired and content. I can’t express how grateful I am to everyone who celebrated it with me. Thank you! Thank you for wanting to read it and thank you for reading it. I can’t believe I’ve already gotten sequel requests in my inbox! Wat! That’s the fastest that has ever happened. (I never say never, but for now it’s safe to assume it’s a standalone, guys!)

Also, can I just say it’s a bit strange for me to think of it as actually on shelves now, as I sometimes still have these horrible nightmares that I haven’t finished writing it yet.

Speaking of things that are strange to think of in relation to THIS IS NOT A TEST…

Sony has optioned it for a TV movie!

Here is the deal announcement! It (or something like it!) should be popping up on PM pretty soon:

Courtney Summers’s YA, THIS IS NOT A TEST about six teens trapped in their high school during the zombie apocalypse, optioned as a TV movie, to Sony, by Jon Cassir at CAA on behalf of Amy Tipton at Signature Literary Agency.

Here is a gif expressing how I feel about that!:

I am pretty excited but it’s worth saying an option is just that–Sony has the option of making THIS IS NOT A TEST into a TV movie, but there’s no guarantee that they will. Lots of things would have to come together for it to happen. And while it would be a very great and cool thing to see it go into development (fingers crossed!), I’m just thrilled it’s a possibility. Thank you for that, Amy! Thank you, Jon! Thank you, Sony!

So we’ll see.

! :)

In other news, I’m continuing to work on ALL THE RAGE, which continues to account for over six months of unanswered emails sitting in my inbox (!!!!!). I’m just about ready to throw the manuscript out the window. If you write, you know what that means…


And I have a gif for how I feel about that too!

Now to get back to it!