I have some news!

I am just going to SAY IT.

ALL THE RAGE will no longer be coming out in Fall 2013.
It will be coming out in Winter 2014.

I know.

When I release I book, this is what I want: I want to release it feeling I did the absolute best I could, regardless of how it is received, and then move onto my next story without a single look back. I don’t want to wish I had said more or less or said it differently or known deep down that I could’ve said it better. I think every author wants this, though. All the Rage has been an extremely interesting book to work on. I am enjoying it. It needs some more time to get to the place it needs to be. And because I have a incredible editor, with every draft, it’s getting closer to that place and that makes me happy.

So what more can be said about it?

Besides the fact my bookmarks now have INCORRECT INFORMATION on them.

So if you got a bookmark from me at any point, please get out a sharpie? Do you have your sharpie? Okay. Under ALL THE RAGE, please find COMING 2013, cross out 2013 and then change the year to 2014 and then underneath that write, “ED BEGLEY JR. IS FLAWLESS” all in caps*.

Now all is as it should be.

In OTHER news, I have seen the cover concept for All The Rage and it is wonderful. I can’t wait until I can share the final version with everyone. I’m also super excited to be participating in Smugglivus 2012, which you should CHECK OUT. The Book Smugglers are awesome. They’ve put together a great line-up of authors for this and I’m honoured to be part of it.


All the Rage is still in the works and I seriously can’t wait to share it with you when it is done.

In Winter 2014.

And Ed Begley Jr. is flawless.

Have a good weekend, Internet!

* the Ed Begley Jr. portion of this post is dedicated to Lori

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11 Responses to about that release date…

  1. Iffath says:

    so last time i checked it was like, summer 2011 so winter 2014 should come in no time. right? RIGHT???

  2. Kelly says:

    RAGE is a warm blanket even in the coldest of winters, you know? 2014 isn’t *that* far away!

  3. MELANNIE says:

    Now I need to re-read your books to fill out the hole this info left in my heart.

    Excuse me for a minute.

    *grabs tissue*


  5. Doug Solter says:

    Courtney, as a writer myself I completely understand. But as a reader and fan I’m like…NOOOOOOOOOO! But I will get over it, because I know if you’re allowed to write the book you want to write, then the end product will be worth waiting for. :) Keep writing in the trenches.

  6. Well, I’ll just have to reread all your other books to keep sane while I wait ;) But yes, if it means the book will be the best it can be (which of course, will be THE best) than I will wait and wait and wait!

  7. Book Whales says:

    2014? Noooo… but we know it’s worth the wait :D

  8. Meagan says:

    It’s great that you have the extra time to make sure that the book is exactly what you want it to be. I know no one can be satisfied trying to finish something too quickly, especially A BOOK, only to have that lingering feeling like maybe it’s not what you wanted it to be.

  9. Michelle says:

    As one of your biggest fans, I’m dying!!! I’m glad your getting more time to make it how you want it though. There’s nothing more fustrating than feeling like something you worked really hard on didn’t turn out how you want it to, or just isn’t perfect! BUT STILL… I will go through Courtney Summers withdraw all year long! :) Good luck with everything!

  10. Lilian says:

    Just the thought that the book still exists makes me happy. I know that perfectionist feeling, knowing that there’s something released to the world (and being judged for it) that could be better…frustrating.

    I rather wait for that perfect book. Now I have high expectations. *twiddles fingers*

  11. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m a bigger fan than Michelle up there (but you know I am one!), but I’m so glad you’re taking your time with this. I’d hate to present something to the world that I didn’t feel 100% sure about either. Glad that you’ve got a great editor that backs you up on this, too. Can’t wait to read it. =)