site relaunch & a signing, oh my!

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Hi! I am excited to welcome you to the new! If you are reading this on a feed, you should click over and check it out! It was put together by my brother-in-law, Jarrad Gunter, and the graphics were done by his wife (and my sister!) Megan. Jarrad got to hear all about my need for minimalism and white space and no clutter at length and I think at one point, I stood over his shoulder for like an hour and made him change the width of the blog posts about 80 times before I was satisfied. Working with my sister was the same way, except with images. Poor them. Anyway, I’m ecstatic with what their patient listening and keen understanding of the Internets has produced and I hope you love the site much as I do!

(Maybe it will make me blog more?)

Aaaand a website relaunch would be nothing without a celebratory giveaway, so if you comment on this post on my website (not a feed) I will enter you in a draw! One winner will receive a signed copy of CRACKED UP TO BE, THIS IS NOT A TEST and some signed bookmarks. This giveaway is open to International readers. Comment by November 24th and the winner will be announced the 25th!

Right now, I’m between edits for ALL THE RAGE aka The Book That Ate 2012, which means I have a cold. It seems every time I hand the latest draft into my editor, something like that happens. Colds. Extreme mopeyness because what do I do with myself now. Luckly, I had something to distract me from both this weekend: I participated in The YA Apocalypse Tour with authors Megan Crewe, Lesley Livingston, Maureen McGowan and Cheryl Rainfield.

The tour isn’t over, so if you live in Ontario and there’s a stop near you, check it out! I could only be at the Belleville stop, but I had a wonderful time signing there with such a great set of authors. I’m sorry to have missed Leah Bobet, but she will be at all the other stops, so go, go, go, if you can!

I don’t do much (read: like zero) signings and whatnot, so it was very cool to step into Chapters and see this:

And even cooler than THAT was meeting the bloggers who came out! I really like talking to readers but it usually happens over the Internet so when I meet them, there’s always that strange and awesome moment of, “YOU ARE ACTUAL PEOPLE!” (Have I told you that I picture authors as their book covers so when I meet them in person, inside I’m thinking, “YOU ARE NOT A WALKING BOOK!” I know.)

Ciara, Chrystal, Emilie and Kat andIhopeIdidn’tforgetanyone are such a fun, funny, smart and enthusiastic group of bloggers–you should read and bookmark their blogs, because they’re fantastic–and that they came all the way to Belleville to say “Hi!” and get books signed meant a lot. Thank you, ladies! You can read Ciara’s event recap here, Chrystal’s here and Kat’s here.

There were also a surprising amount of Grandmas scoping out YA for their granddaughters.

Rock on, Grandmas.

WELL. That is all I have to blog about today.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

(Now enter my contest because my books aren’t going to win themselves!)