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If I had waited until December 30th to post this, I would not have blogged for exactly an entire year. Ridiculous! So much has happened in that time, like THIS IS NOT A TEST was shortlisted for the Inky and nominated for the White Pine, WHAT GOES AROUND was officially released, uh I am still not done my book…

(“So much has happened!” “[Lists less than five things that happened.]”)

Being on a deadline and struggling with a difficult book for a really long time is an interesting thing. It’s always stressful! It never feels like you have time for anything. You generally have more time than you think you do, but there is something about the formality and weight of blogging that feels like it’s going to take away from the task at hand ie finishing your book. The idea of that becomes stressful to you, the idea of it makes you guilty–so you don’t.

Then you realize you actually kind of have been because you started a Tumblr.

What can I say. I really enjoy the community and reader interaction. It is nice and fun. At first I just used it for reader Q&As and sharing writing advice and posting screencaps and then I realized I was posting blog content on it TOO because I felt a decided lack of stress when I did so. Oops.

I’d like to get back into the habit of blogging here, on my site, but I think that will happen after ALL THE RAGE is done. I need to think more about how I want it to work. When you are encouraged to be so many places online, some of them end up cancelling out the use of others. I do not intend this to be the end of my blog on my website, but I need to consider new ways to approach it without it being redundant. I mean, let’s be honest! At a certain point in the last two years, it just ended up being late announcements of news I’d shared elsewhere. I don’t want that. My blog deserves better and the people who take the time to read it do too…

All that said, right now, Tumblr makes it easy for me to participate online and contribute content and stress about deadlines all at once. If I can panic over ALL THE RAGE and stay engaged with my readers at the same time vs being panicked about ALL THE RAGE and disconnecting myself from the YA community that I love… well, no contest. Tumblr it is!

Until I can put my focus back here in a way that satisfies me, you can follow me here:


Because Tumblr’s search feature leaves something to be desired (sigh, Tumblr), here is a tags page that will make it easier for you to navigate it and find things that might be useful to you: http://summerscourtney.tumblr.com/tags

I am also always on Twitter, which probably gets every bit of news first: http://twitter.com/courtney_s

And Facebook, which is a close second: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Courtney-Summers/145262370138

I am always happy when people follow me in those places too! Those sites never go a year between updates. Neither does courtneysummers.ca, actually! If you poke around here, you’ll see that it is updated fairly regularly. It is just the blog that suffers from neglect. I can barely look it in the eye to type this right now, to be honest.

Poor blog.

Sorry, blog.

But at least now you know what is up! I wonder if I should also admit I am behind on replying to emails as far back as August BUT I hope to be caught up by December. Should I do that, or is that just too much in one entry?

Probably too much.