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COURTNEY SUMMERS was born in Belleville, Ontario, in 1986 and currently resides in a small town not far from there. She had a pretty average, not unhappy childhood, and for most of her adolescent life, Courtney’s parents ran a lapidary business out of their home, which took her to a lot of interesting “rock shows” across the province. Despite growing up surrounded by gems and minerals, Courtney still managed to fail the geology unit in her sixth grade science class.

When she was around 10 years old, her local theatre’s production of Man of La Mancha–directed by her father–sparked her dream of telling stories that would move people the same way the musical had moved her. At age 14, she dropped out of high school to pursue her education independently, but in truth, those years were really spent exploring various mediums that would best serve the stories she wanted to tell. She tried acting, directing, photography, music and screenwriting and none of them were a match. At age 18, she wrote her first novel and all the pieces finally fell into place.

She likes writing books about girls who only have themselves because sometimes that realization is the scariest and most important thing–the slow untangling of the difference between ‘lonely’ and ‘alone.’ Her favourite kind of stories are the ones that make you wish so badly they’d ended differently but deep down you know they really couldn’t have gone any other way.

To date, she has authored five novels. Her first novel, Cracked Up to Be, was published when she was 22 and went on to win the 2009 CYBILS award in YA fiction. Since then, she’s published four more books. They are 2011 YALSA Top Ten Quick Pick and White Pine Honor book, Some Girls Are, 2012 YALSA Quick Pick, Fall for Anything, 2013 YALSA Top Ten Quick Pick and White Pine Honour book, This is Not a Test, and most recently, Please Remain Calm (an e-novella sequel to This is Not a Test) and All the Rage. All the Rage was an Official Tumblr Reblog Book Club pick and named a Best Book of 2015 by Bustle, Book Riot, Chicago Public Library and the B&N Teen Blog.

When Courtney is not writing, she enjoys playing video games, watching horror movies, Supernatural and planning for the impending zombie apocalypse. Her favorite color is green.

— Frequently Asked Questions —

I regularly answer questions on my Tumblr. If you’d like to ask me something, feel free to do so there.

I can’t answer questions or do interviews relating to or for school projects. Please refer to publicly available information for your school reports by Googling, or using the search function on this site. Thank you!
I don’t give away signed bookplates, bookmarks or books upon request, but I hold a lot of contests on social media throughout the year for all of these things. Feel free to follow me if you don’t want to miss your chance to win them.
I’m always grateful to be given the opportunity to meet and speak with readers but my writing comes first. Right now, I do few speaking engagements a year, but you can always email me and ask. Presently, I do not do Skype visits.
With the exceptions of This is Not a Test (This is Not a Test #1) and Please Remain Calm (This is Not a Test #2), all of my novels are stand-alones and you can read them in whatever order you like. They were published in this order: Cracked Up to Be, Some Girls Are, Fall for Anything, This is Not a Test, Please Remain Calm, and All the Rage.
I have written an e-novella sequel to This is Not a Test called Please Remain Calm. At this time, I have no immediate plans to write sequels for Cracked Up to Be, Some Girls Are, Fall for Anything or All the Rage.
I have heard that some readers have problems making out the very last letter from Sloane to Lily on their e-readers and I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. It is the same letter at the very beginning of the book, but only a few (key) words are readable: Lily, I woke up.