if it ain’t broke


The teaser-trailer for the remake of Black Christmas just offends every piece of my soul. It’s almost like that time I was talking to this guy who said, “I haven’t seen a really good horror movie since The Blair Witch 2.” But worse.

or worse


Is anyone else angsting over yesterday’s For Better or For Worse strip? I know Grandpa Jim is, like, 85 but–he can’t be dead! Not like this! Shades of Farley, but at least Farley went out saving April’s life. This is so sudden! I am never ever investing in a real time comic again after this one ends. It’s too traumatic. … Read More

hug your country

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The 28th of this month marks the sixth anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s death. For those not in the know, Trudeau was one of the most enigmatic Prime Ministers in Canadian History. He was voted into 3rd place during CBC’s Greatest Canadian–despite my better efforts to win him the title, sigh–and you’ll meet very few Canadians who respond indifferently when his … Read More

mouth meet soap?

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I ran across this post by Lara M. Zeises, which touches on the use of the f-word (fuck) in novels. Some of the comments were interesting as well. It got me thinking. Unpublished novelist that I am–but still a writer. First I searched for the word fuck in my current work in progress, which is a contemporary YA. So far … Read More



You know it’s Monday when… You’ll probably notice an absence of entries and comments and links in my blog at the moment. I had to uninstall wordpress due to a problem that came about because of expired domain names and proceeded to have several unsuccessful reinstalls. One of the earlier re-installs managed to save all of my old entries and … Read More