the wsj thing

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This WSJ article. When the link first started showing up in my twitter feed, I was like, “Oh dear, another misinformed person saying dumb things about YA? This seems to be happening a lot lately.” Or, to paint a clearer picture, I was all like: Then I read the article. First I was all like: You know? Listening to my … Read More



Three years on June 3rd. I like to make note of it on my blog for myself and for him. He used to visit here all the time and loved to read the comments everyone left. He thought it was the most incredible thing, people reaching out to his granddaughter from their computers. I used to check my site stats … Read More

an interview with amy tipton, lit agent (+ a giveaway!)

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Oh, this neglected blog! Oh, the state of my inbox and all the emails I have yet to get back to. But it’s either that or Book 4 never gets written guys, so what can I say besides thank you for your patience. Despite my absence, I am totally interested in bringing you blog content when I can and I … Read More

On the Radio

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Oh man, guys. I know. I’m on a bit of an everything hiatus while I tackle revisions on Book 4, which are an intense, all-consuming thing right now. I’m behind on blogs, I won’t be able to catch up on emails for some time (but I will get back to you as soon as the book is handed in), I’m … Read More

An Interview with Mindi Scott

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Sorry for the delay in announcing the Freefall winner! Life has been super hectic. The winner of a copy of Freefall was Liz A., and she has been contacted for her prize. Thanks everyone, for entering! (There is an international giveaway at the end of this interview. I am just saying.) Internet, I have been looking forward to this book: … Read More

Fall for Anything is Released!

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Redemption Island? Oh, Survivor, what are you doing. I’LL BE THERE. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, first thing: the winner of four of my favourite books this year, plus a copy of Fall for Anything, is Amy Lukavics. Her favourite read of 2010 was Amy Reed’s Beautiful! The winner of bonus prize of a finished … Read More

Are you a book blogger? Want Fall for Anything?

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EDIT, NOVEMBER 27th: I woke up to a surprising (to me!) amount of emails expressing regret that I’d posted the call to US book bloggers during what is pretty much a holiday week, so I am extending the invitation to submit your info until December 2nd. I also got numerous emails throughout the week from people who weren’t sure if … Read More