on unlikeable female protagonists

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I’ve wanted to do a blog entry on writing unlikeable (why did I write ‘unlickable’ first?) female protagonists for a while now, because it’s something I get asked about with a surprising–to me–amount of frequency. The only problem was I wasn’t sure how I’d frame such an entry. How to Write an Unlikeable Female Protagonist? Uhm, that would be awfully … Read More

I felt the earth move!

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Everyone who is at the ALA conference is about to miss the earthquake story I am about to tell and I bet they are so jealous right now! HAR HAR HAR! So guess what Internet! Most of you know this because I can’t shut up about it everywhere, but last Wednesday there was an EARTHQUAKE in CANADA and I FELT … Read More

release dates & delicious food

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This always happens: every time I say more news will be forthcoming, I write it under the assumption that news won’t be forthcoming until like many weeks later, and then the NEXT DAY it forthcomes. Book news is determined to make a fool out of me or force me to blog more often, I don’t know. If you follow me … Read More

seeing the world (kinda)

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This is one of the coolest things that’s ever landed in my inbox. A few months ago, awesome reader Sarah D. was in China and sent me some photographs of Some Girls Are at The Great Wall. She kindly gave me permission to show ’em off on my blag, so without further ado: photos © Sarah D. How cool is … Read More

grief & writing

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My grandfather has this sweater he’d wear constantly. Blue with black patterning. It’s hard to conjure up a memory with him not wearing it. He had it so long, the wrists wore through and my grandma had to sew them up. After he died I asked if I could have it. I wear it sometimes. The last week of May … Read More

some things to know

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Last week totally got away from me! AND ALL THE REST ARE ABOUT TO. The winner of the Teri Hall giveaway was Jess and she was notified last week. Congrats, Jess! I hope you enjoy The Line as much as I did! And thanks to the rest of you for entering–I hope you’ll check the book out. It’s so worth … Read More

& her name is eddie

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Internet, I have great news. Unless you hate my writing. In which case I have very bad news and I am so terribly sorry for what I’m about to share with you. From Publishers Marketplace: SOME GIRLS ARE and CRACKED UP TO BE author Courtney Summers’s gritty story of one girl’s attempt to make sense of her father’s untimely death, … Read More

You Aren’t the Book I Married Anymore

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Maybe you guys remember back in June when I wrote a blog entry about how the new book I was working on came to be? “Imagine A Book,” I called it, and I talked about how differently it was conceptualized than my other books and how I’d written a bunch of pages in a really short amount of time and … Read More