better than ray-bans

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I have the best blog readers ever! Not too long ago, reader Melissa sent me a link to a Slate article about Lady Gaga. It’s called How Smart is Lady Gaga? and it’s a great read because it articulates why Lady Gaga is a genius better than I ever could. I agree with a lot of it, except for the … Read More

The Winner of One Lonely Degree is…

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Wow! I should maybe not hold contests that end on Sundays. Who updates their blogs on Sunday? Not me, apparently! So, a day late (and a dollar short), I am pleased to announce the winner of C.K. Kelly Martin’s One Lonely Degree, by random number generation, is…. BRANDY! Brandy, I’ve emailed you. I hope you enjoy the book as much … Read More

an interview with C.K. kelly martin (& giveaway!)

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So here is the thing: I loved C.K. Kelly Martin’s sophomore novel, One Lonely Degree so much, I want to ensure my part in getting this amazing book into someone else’s hands. How do I do that? Why, by holding a giveaway of course! And I’ll tell you exactly what’s required of you to have your name put into a … Read More

on book titles

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I get meaningful spam subject lines in my inbox sometimes. Recent favourites include, but are not limited to: I miss you, come home Mad of your silence Remember 3rd grade? Where were you? Executioners as they Repair the past I almost think they could make fantastic book titles. Almost. Maybe with some slight modifications. I MISS YOU, COME HOME. MAD … Read More

book list lust

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Yesterday, I got an email from my editor that included these two words: “cover meeting.” OH, HOW MY HEART PITTER-PATTERED. I don’t think I’ll be seeing a cover for Some Girls Are like, tomorrow, or anything but I’ve flicked the cover-anticipation switch AWN. Eee. FYI, I updated my Novels page. It now includes a master list of reviews and interviews … Read More

let it snow

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I know, I know. Bad blogger. In case the lack of my DEADLINE = PWNED post didn’t tip you off, I did not actually pwn my deadline and now I have a whole new deadline to pwn! Since my last post, news has quietly and softly been accumulating, much like the snow outside my window. Here goes: My latest guestblog … Read More

an interview with C.K. Kelly Martin

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I have become one of those people that waves a book in another person’s face while loudly proclaiming, “THIS BOOK IS IMPORTANT!” But that is what happens when someone writes an Important Book, which is exactly what C.K. Kelly Martin did when she wrote I Know It’s Over, which is the book I have been waving in everyone’s face and … Read More

an interview with danette haworth 2

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I am woefully out of touch when it comes to middle grade fiction. Like, the last time I read a middle grade novel, I think I was a middle grader. That is no commentary on the genre, more a commentary on me. That commentary is that I’m lame and need to reach outside the edgy YA shelf a little more, … Read More

happiness is clothed piano polishing

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I’m happy! Why, you ask? Well, first these books came in the mail: Danette Haworth’s fantastic and sweet middle-grade debut, Violet Raines Almost Got Struck By Lightning, which I’ve already read and love loved LOVED, C.K. Kelly Martin’s much anticipated–and for good reason–debut, I Know It’s Over (I’m about halfway in and there’s some absolutely incredible voice going on in … Read More