Pumpkin Massacre

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I am eating roasted pumpkin seeds as I type this. YUM! Remember when I said there would be more Fall For Anything giveaways? And you guys called me a liar? Okay, that ‘liar’ part didn’t happen but it all works out because I wasn’t lying! St. Martin’s Press is giving away 24 copies of Fall for Anything on Goodreads right … Read More

Happy Canada Day, Jason Vorhees!

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Happy Canada Day! Being Canadian, this day has some significance to me. I love Canada very much. My friend Lori posted this on her Facebook and I decided to steal it from her and share it with you because I don’t know how many of you know this about Canada (or at least, Eastern Ontario, which is where I’m from): … Read More

i bless the rains down in africaaa

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I got word from my editor the other day that Cracked Up to Be is on YALSA’s 2010 list of nominees for Best Books for Young Adults! I’m chuffed, guys. CHUFFED! So now that Cracked Up to Be is out there and people are reading it, I’ve been hearing from readers, which is awesome. One question has popped up in … Read More

take note, mr. harper

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I was flipping through my copy of The Gospel According to Saint Pierre, which is a book of Pierre Trudeau quotes, and found this one: Heckler in crowd: Why do you not go to Hollywood? Pierre Trudeau: Well, I will go to Hollywood, and I will bring you along. And you will enjoy yourself. I laughed for like, ten minutes … Read More

eyebrow waggle

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I’m tired and I’m getting sick. That aside, I’m really really happy! But tired. Which might have something to do with posting this at 4 am, I do not really know. I’m just hazarding a guess there. It’s probably wrong. It’s getting to be flannel pajama weather round these parts and flannel pjs, as we all know, are like wearing … Read More

on with it

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Do you know how many people in my family are born in April? Lots. And then we did the whole Easter thing. And that is why I am 1,000 words short of my goal of 30k, which I meant to meet Sunday. Oh well! When I am a paid writer working with important deadlines, I won’t let things like birthdays … Read More

hug your country

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The 28th of this month marks the sixth anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s death. For those not in the know, Trudeau was one of the most enigmatic Prime Ministers in Canadian History. He was voted into 3rd place during CBC’s Greatest Canadian–despite my better efforts to win him the title, sigh–and you’ll meet very few Canadians who respond indifferently when his … Read More