if you’re never sorry

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Cracked Up to Be came out four years ago on December 23rd and January 5th will mark the third anniversary of Some Girls Are’s release. It is weird to think about that! Especially Cracked Up to Be. Cracked Up to Be is one of my more personal books but not in the sense I am Parker and we have done … Read More

on unlikeable female protagonists

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I’ve wanted to do a blog entry on writing unlikeable (why did I write ‘unlickable’ first?) female protagonists for a while now, because it’s something I get asked about with a surprising–to me–amount of frequency. The only problem was I wasn’t sure how I’d frame such an entry. How to Write an Unlikeable Female Protagonist? Uhm, that would be awfully … Read More

Re: The Cybils

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Wow, I did not expect to be updating my blog before my next book was in my editor’s inbox (gettin’ close!), and also before I could catch up on eleventy billion emails and blogs, but something very unexpected and also amazing happened yesterday and I would be remiss not to blog about it and that is that Cracked Up to … Read More

Agent Appreciation Day!

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Some Girls Are Video Teaser #6 contains a little friendly advice, especially for people named Regina: Every time I host a giveaway and people come out of the woodwork to enter it, I am thrilled. So before I announce who won my Some Girls Are ARC giveaway, I just want to thank each and every person who entered and expressed … Read More

Forest of Reading

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Today, the 2010 OLA (Ontario Library Association) Forest of Reading nominees were announced. Uhm. Today, the 2010 OLA Forest of Reading nominees were announced and Cracked Up to Be is one of them. It is a nominee for The White Pine Award. When I found out, I was like what wait wait wait what what WHAT what what WAT. And … Read More

odds, ends & query letters

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I was looking through old back-up emails and found a notepad file full of notes and some deleted scenes from my Cracked Up to Be days. That always freaks me out and amuses me a little because it’s a bit trippy to see the scenes you were considering writing, didn’t, did or changed your mind about… or those little lines … Read More