The Winners Are…

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You guys, I can’t even tell you how heartened I am by the turn out for my giveaway! Heartened AND plagued by guilt. I wish I could’ve given an ARC to everyone and I’m not just saying that. I was raised Catholic and my guilt complex is a thing to behold (maybe it is part of the reason why I … Read More

happy news & a giveaway

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I have the plague. It’s awful. Mostly all I have done these past few days is wander around with Kleenex shoved up my nostrils and you totally needed that mental picture, yes you did! In spite of my plague, it has been a really happy-making week and this is why: my good friend, Daisy Whitney, just landed a two-book deal … Read More

catchin’ up

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Wow! I know, I know. What else can I say. 5:30 am Monday morning, I sent off the latest (final? Fingers crossed!) round of revisions for Some Girls Are to my incredible editor and now I wait. It was a good round–my most favourite yet–but I am not even going to attempt a blog entry about the revision process until … Read More

i bless the rains down in africaaa

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I got word from my editor the other day that Cracked Up to Be is on YALSA’s 2010 list of nominees for Best Books for Young Adults! I’m chuffed, guys. CHUFFED! So now that Cracked Up to Be is out there and people are reading it, I’ve been hearing from readers, which is awesome. One question has popped up in … Read More

aah it’s an entry

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Hi, guys! That gif has nothing to do with anything. I’ve just been waiting forever to use it since I ganked it from a comment thread on ohnotheydidnt. Incidentally, that is the part of the movie I laughed REALLY LOUDLY at in the theatre that no one else did. I still don’t understand what’s not funny about Bella falling down. … Read More

cracked up to be is out today AND tomorrow!

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If online bookstores can usurp Cracked Up to Be’s release date by shipping the book early, I have decided I can too! And make my celebratory blog post now! It’s a dangerous precedent I set, I know, but I really want people to start referring to me as the James Dean of YA Lit because I’m such a rebel. Flouting … Read More

let it snow

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I know, I know. Bad blogger. In case the lack of my DEADLINE = PWNED post didn’t tip you off, I did not actually pwn my deadline and now I have a whole new deadline to pwn! Since my last post, news has quietly and softly been accumulating, much like the snow outside my window. Here goes: My latest guestblog … Read More

interviews and guestblogs, oh my!

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You guys, I’m a part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour 2008! The Blog Blast Tours were created by Colleen Mondor (of the amazing Chasing Ray) in 2007 and feature author interviews at various blogs throughout the week. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Little Willow of Bildungsroman. You can read what we had to talk about here. … Read More