hey courtney, where did your trailer/cover go?!

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Not five seconds ago, I was walking down the street and this guy wolf-whistled at me (because I’m hot) and then goes, “HEY COURTNEY WHERE IS YOUR COVER AND YOUR TRAILER? I WENT ON THE INTERNET AND NOTICED THEY WERE GONE, PS YOU ARE HOT.” I was like, “Thanks, bb! And check out my blog for full details!” And then … Read More

the cracked up to be book trailer!

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Wow, my timing is either really horrible or really awesome. I can’t decide! I’ve been wanting to write about book trailers forever, so I wrote last night’s entry thinking, I’ll just do it because who KNOWS when I will be able to share the book trailer for Cracked Up to Be and then my editor emailed me today and was … Read More

wait, first let me tell you a story

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First, I just want to thank EVERYONE who gave me a yo! It’s crazy awesome that you did and I’m crazy thrilled that you did. To be fair, I pimped out the giveaway in multiple places but that didn’t guarantee anyone entering it! But entered it was, and shocked I am, and each comment on that post made me smile. … Read More

win a copy of cracked up to be!

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The ADVANCE UNCORRECTED PROOFS for Cracked Up to Be came in the mail today! They were sent off on Thursday, and then I had to endure an entire weekend AND a civic holiday waiting for them to come while my editor and my agent told me how great they looked and I was like, “IS IT TUESDAY YET?” And then … Read More

these are those moments

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While I was not blogging: The Winter 2009 Griffin Catalog came out online! Cracked Up to Be is on page 21. Or 22. I’m not sure. It’s 22 for me, but then a friend told me it was 21. I feel this makes clicking the ‘download the PDF’ link all the more exciting, which you should do. Cracked Up to … Read More

blush swoon blush

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Oh, what a day Thursday was. What A Day, Indeed. Thursday was partly A Day because the first pass pages for Cracked Up to Be came in the mail! First pass pages mean I got to see the book as a book without it being an actual book. Like, I got to see the font, chapter headings–the layout, basically–unbound and … Read More

my book cover let me show u it

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My lovely editor sent me an email that included the line, “feel free to put the cover up on your website if you’d like,” and I was like, “if I’d like?!” And then I was like, “!!!” and then I was like, “[replies to editor email],” and then I was like, “[resizes images in The Gimp].” Getting the cover has … Read More

amazon! pre-order! oh em gee!

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Thanks guys, for taking the time to give yer .02 on the photos here and the LJ feed*. The winner is I don’t know. But I will let you know! … Or will I? Of course I will. In other news: Cracked Up to Be is on amazon. I discovered this by typing ‘cracked up to be’ in the amazon … Read More

blurbs for cracked up to be!

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I have blurbs for Cracked Up to Be! I’ve had blurbs for Cracked Up to Be! I FINALLY HAVE PERMISSION TO SHARE THE BLURBS FOR CRACKED UP TO BE!! I have been sitting on them for a few months. I am amazed I didn’t explode. It’s hard to wrap my head around blurbs. It’s completely and totally surreal when authors … Read More