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News: 01. Copyedits for Cracked Up to Be are on their way! I’m looking forward to it but also I’m terrified. I have this irrational fear of copyedits because they seem so concise and mechanical and I don’t brush my hair if I can get away with it and wear Winnie the Pooh pajama pants outside and stuff so that’s … Read More

tomorrow is another day

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Me: I just took 300 photographs. Innocent Bystander: 300?! Me: Yeah! And the memory card wasn’t even full yet, I just got bored of pushing the remote button. Innocent Bystander: Wow. Me: Anyway, the point is, if one of these is not an author photo, I will cry. 30 minutes later Innocent Bystander: How goes it? Me: I am down … Read More

adventures in writing

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I hate when you have a hole on the inside of your coat pocket and the Bonne Bell lipgloss that cost you four dollars ($!) falls into the lining and you go weeks thinking you’ve lost it and then one day you can feel it in the lining of your coat and you’re like YES and then you tear the … Read More

I <3 ricky

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Jonathan Penner’s myspace people left a ‘thanks for the add’ on my myspace, so I’m pretty sure that makes us BFFs because I am pretty sure that’s how myspace works. Myspace is a BFF machine. I now have so many BFFs, you guys, that I am fastly becoming the person Roy Orbison is singing about in the song Not Alone … Read More

nobody say ‘cover’

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YOU GUYS I AM HAVING THE BEST TIME MAKING PRETTY OKAY BOOK TRAILERS THAT I CAN’T SHOW YOU FOR LIKE, 10 MONTHS. And all I want to do is show them to you now. Why do I do this to myself.

ask me what i’m working on!

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I’ve told very few people in person about Cracked Up to Be selling. It’s just turned out that way, mostly because I am a hermit writer. But it’s okay, see, because my parents have picked up my slack (they are sweet). Better still, apparently the people my parents are telling are picking up my slack as well! We found this … Read More

cover madness

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Everytime someone says something like, “I can’t wait to see your cover, Courtney!” I die a little inside. But in a good way. Everyone who has held a conversation with me for longer than five minutes knows I’m crazy excited about that far-off point in the future where I’ll get to see the face of my book. Add to the … Read More

movie making

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Over the weekend, I discovered Windows Movie Maker and attempted a book trailer for Cracked Up to Be. It was surprisingly easy and I am surprisingly happy with my first ever book trailer making effort! Except 2007 is a little too early to be all up in people’s youtubes about my novel, so I can’t show it to you. But … Read More