Make My Halloween (Scary Movie Recs Post!)

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Internet, it is that time of year again! THE HALLOWEEN MONTH! The month of watching scary movies! Do you know what that means? It means I have to share a list of scary movies I think everyone definitely has to see and then in the comments, hopefully, you share a list of scary movies you think everyone definitely has to … Read More

it has been a week

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There are just so many problems with the Richie Rich comics, I don’t know where to being. He has no concept of his wealth, for starters. That’s how sheltered he is. Secondly, he makes kites out of his surplus of 20 dollar bills. Jerk. Gloria, who supposedly hates and is unimpressed with wealth and all things showy, is constantly awed … Read More

i know the answer


It is 2:45 in the morning. It is storming outside. To pop corn or not to pop corn?

mouth meet soap?

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I ran across this post by Lara M. Zeises, which touches on the use of the f-word (fuck) in novels. Some of the comments were interesting as well. It got me thinking. Unpublished novelist that I am–but still a writer. First I searched for the word fuck in my current work in progress, which is a contemporary YA. So far … Read More