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If I had waited until December 30th to post this, I would not have blogged for exactly an entire year. Ridiculous! So much has happened in that time, like THIS IS NOT A TEST was shortlisted for the Inky and nominated for the White Pine, WHAT GOES AROUND was officially released, uh I am still not done my book… (“So … Read More

about that release date…

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I have some news! I am just going to SAY IT. ALL THE RAGE will no longer be coming out in Fall 2013. It will be coming out in Winter 2014. I know. When I release I book, this is what I want: I want to release it feeling I did the absolute best I could, regardless of how it … Read More

This is Not a Test… the TV movie?

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Hello again! Two blog entries in the same month! Gasp! I will have to not blog in July just to make up for it. THIS IS NOT A TEST’s release week was really something else. I’m still reeling from it, all tired and content. I can’t express how grateful I am to everyone who celebrated it with me. Thank you! … Read More

wanna read this is not a test?

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THIS IS NOT A TEST is available on Netgalley! Right here! This means if you’re a professional reader (which Netgalley defines as book reviewers, journalists, librarians, professors, booksellers and bloggers), you can request it and maybe you’ll get approved to read it six months before its official publication date in exchange for a review! So you should request it! I … Read More

This is Not a Test… the cover!

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First, I’m so thrilled about the positive response THIS IS NOT A TEST has gotten since I announced it. Thank you, everyone! That was so nice. It was nervewracking revealing that it is a zombie book considering I am such a loud mouth about zombies. Anyways, in the announcement I said I was going to blog about why zombies and … Read More

Courtney, what is This is Not a Test about?

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It has been a long time since I blogged! It’s probably a bad thing I begin every blog entry with variations of this sentence. I once read that it’s terrible form to call attention to the fact you’re a bad blogger, which means I CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT! But I thought I’d type something up because I’ve been making a … Read More

On the Radio

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Oh man, guys. I know. I’m on a bit of an everything hiatus while I tackle revisions on Book 4, which are an intense, all-consuming thing right now. I’m behind on blogs, I won’t be able to catch up on emails for some time (but I will get back to you as soon as the book is handed in), I’m … Read More

Are you a book blogger? Want Fall for Anything?

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EDIT, NOVEMBER 27th: I woke up to a surprising (to me!) amount of emails expressing regret that I’d posted the call to US book bloggers during what is pretty much a holiday week, so I am extending the invitation to submit your info until December 2nd. I also got numerous emails throughout the week from people who weren’t sure if … Read More

brb internet

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I stole this meme from Anna Jarzab who encouraged her readers to steal it from her (by the way, have you read All Unquiet Things yet? Because it is amazing.) and so now I am encouraging YOU to steal it from ME. Please don’t tell any figures of authority that I’m encouraging you to steal. But please do this meme … Read More