The Waking Blog Tour: Q&A with Thomas Randall!

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This seems very well-timed after my horror movie post! Truefax: I have never been a stop on a blog tour before. I KNOW. Why not?! I really like blog tours. I love seeing what each blogger brings to the table in terms of questions and I love seeing the participating author’s responses. They’re fun! And the organization involved is a … Read More

An Interview with Nova Ren Suma

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You, guys. Hey, you guys. GUYS! Guess! Guess! What! Day! It! Is! Today! GUESS! Have you guessed? If you’re in the know, you will have guessed. If you’re not in the know, oh, it is going to feel so good to tell you this wonderful news. Are you ready? Are! You! Ready! Today is an awesome today and today is … Read More

An Interview with Realm Lovejoy

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Reasons I love the internet: THE PEOPLE ON IT! They’re so incredibly cool, I don’t even know how the internet hasn’t exploded yet. Surely all the coolness must compromise its infrastructure, or something? I think about this a lot. Especially when I meet a cool new person. Recently, I met a very cool new person and I want to tell … Read More

Introducing Daisy Whitney

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Daisy Whitney is a reporter, new media whiz, host and creator of the New Media Minute (which is not only carried on her site, but TVWeek and ABCNews, among many others), and with the sale of her debut novel–as I recently blogged–to Little Brown (in a two book deal!) she now adds ‘YA author’ to her resume. Two words: YAY, … Read More

Rita Hayworth Would Enter This Contest

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I just love when a book steals you away from the very first page and carries you along effortlessly until you reach the last page and you get so completely caught up in the story, you realize you haven’t gotten up from your chair at all except once to go get popcorn because of said book, which only made your … Read More

an interview with C.K. kelly martin (& giveaway!)

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So here is the thing: I loved C.K. Kelly Martin’s sophomore novel, One Lonely Degree so much, I want to ensure my part in getting this amazing book into someone else’s hands. How do I do that? Why, by holding a giveaway of course! And I’ll tell you exactly what’s required of you to have your name put into a … Read More

an interview with C.K. Kelly Martin

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I have become one of those people that waves a book in another person’s face while loudly proclaiming, “THIS BOOK IS IMPORTANT!” But that is what happens when someone writes an Important Book, which is exactly what C.K. Kelly Martin did when she wrote I Know It’s Over, which is the book I have been waving in everyone’s face and … Read More

an interview with danette haworth 2

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I am woefully out of touch when it comes to middle grade fiction. Like, the last time I read a middle grade novel, I think I was a middle grader. That is no commentary on the genre, more a commentary on me. That commentary is that I’m lame and need to reach outside the edgy YA shelf a little more, … Read More

interview with em crane, author of skin deep

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If there is one book everyone should make sure–absolutely, positively, 100% sure–is on their bookshelves, it is Skin Deep by E.M. Crane. I’ve been excited for this novel since I first glimpsed its gorgeous cover but when I finally received my copy in the mail, shortly after it hit bookstores everywhere, I was in the thick of revisions and did … Read More

interview with danette haworth


I’ve never interviewed an author before but I’ve considered it multiple times in the last few months. I thought it would be fun to do, a neat little addition to this blog, and volleyed the idea around for a while. I could never seem to get past the idea stage, though, because it always came down to this: was I … Read More