On the Radio

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Oh man, guys. I know. I’m on a bit of an everything hiatus while I tackle revisions on Book 4, which are an intense, all-consuming thing right now. I’m behind on blogs, I won’t be able to catch up on emails for some time (but I will get back to you as soon as the book is handed in), I’m … Read More

i’m so exciteeddd

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Phew. I am almost caught up on everything so I can guiltlessly neglect the internet for a week while I REVISE. I have a new guestblog up on The Swivet. It is basically an entry hating on The New Facebook disguised as an entry that includes a brief guide to social networking sites. Colleen is awesome for letting me use … Read More

cracked up to be on the new media minute!

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I am a big Daisy Whitney fangirl. Her New Media Minute–featured on her site, ABC News, TVWeek–is fun and fab and I love tuning in. So guess how loudly I squealed when I saw this? Cracked Up to Be–the trailer and the book–is on the New Media Minute!!! Check it out right here: !!! Like, I’d record how loudly I … Read More

trailers and zombies, oh my

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The Cracked Up to Be trailer is making some serious rounds on the internet. You can find it on Readers Entertainment TV, MySpace, Daily Motion, Digg, and Veoh, to name a few. Really, that’s only a small sampling of the places it can be found. Seriously, if my book trailer was The Blob it might have eaten the internet by … Read More

the cracked up to be book trailer!

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Wow, my timing is either really horrible or really awesome. I can’t decide! I’ve been wanting to write about book trailers forever, so I wrote last night’s entry thinking, I’ll just do it because who KNOWS when I will be able to share the book trailer for Cracked Up to Be and then my editor emailed me today and was … Read More

on book trailers

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I really like book trailers, and by like, I mean love. I heart them. Apparently some people DON’T heart book trailers, which I find fascinating, because it’s not like they attach themselves to your internet and render it useless until you’ve watched them through at least once. At least the ones I’ve watched haven’t (maybe I’ve just been lucky, though). … Read More