Halloween 2012 Horror Movie Recs!


You guys, I just realized we are 12 days into October and I haven’t done my annual YOU SHOULD WATCH THESE SCARY MOVIES FOR HALLOWEEN post yet! That’s what happens with deadlines. :( On the plus side, at least I didn’t realize it on October 31st. Phew. And because Halloween is my favourite time of year, let’s make this post … Read More

scary movies for your halloweens


It is time for my annual horror movie recs post! I usually like to get these out sooner so you have time to adequately prepare yourself for the holiday, but given everything that has been going on, it was just not possible. I would once again like to extend my thanks to all those who have sent such lovely and … Read More

Make My Halloween (Scary Movie Recs Post!)

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Internet, it is that time of year again! THE HALLOWEEN MONTH! The month of watching scary movies! Do you know what that means? It means I have to share a list of scary movies I think everyone definitely has to see and then in the comments, hopefully, you share a list of scary movies you think everyone definitely has to … Read More

I felt the earth move!

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Everyone who is at the ALA conference is about to miss the earthquake story I am about to tell and I bet they are so jealous right now! HAR HAR HAR! So guess what Internet! Most of you know this because I can’t shut up about it everywhere, but last Wednesday there was an EARTHQUAKE in CANADA and I FELT … Read More

recently hearted books & movies

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Now that I’m between books I have some LEISURE time! But not as much leisure time as I would like, sob. But still. Leisure time for me is spent reading books and watching movies and trying not to move around too much while I do either. I’ve been pretty fortunate in all of my selections recently, so I thought I’d … Read More

Your Favourite Scary Movie(s)!

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Recently, on The Twitter (as this octagonarian likes to call it), The Emily (as this octogenarian likes to call her) was asking around for SCARY movie suggestions because it is getting to be that time of year again. You know. OCTOBER. I guess October is a pretty good month for watching horror movies. Why is this, I wonder? Please note: … Read More


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Some Girls Are is now available for pre-order on amazon, amazon.ca and chapters! It looks like it’s coming out January 5th, 2010–the same day as Alyson Noel’s third installment in The Immortals series. Very cool! SGA was also listed in Publishers Weekly’s Spring 2010 Sneak Previews, along with quite a few other books I’m really looking forward to reading. Meanwhile, … Read More

Happy Canada Day, Jason Vorhees!

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Happy Canada Day! Being Canadian, this day has some significance to me. I love Canada very much. My friend Lori posted this on her Facebook and I decided to steal it from her and share it with you because I don’t know how many of you know this about Canada (or at least, Eastern Ontario, which is where I’m from): … Read More