i heart laptops

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The best thing about having a laptop is I can do a bunch of things as soon as I wake up, before I have coffee even–WITHOUT LEAVING MY BED. I remember when I had a desktop. Couldn’t do that. Had to get up. Whatevers to that! Laptops are the future, people, mark my words. So today, when I was google-stalking … Read More

exemption by forwarding

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Head’s up, peoples: I’m excited to report that I’ll be guest-blogging over at FinePrint agent Colleen Lindsay’s blog, The Swivet! Here is my introduction and here is my first guest-blog, which is about how I got my agent. I’ll be talking shop–about writing YA and getting published–so check it out! (Can I just say I feel kind of funny telling … Read More

happiness is clothed piano polishing

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I’m happy! Why, you ask? Well, first these books came in the mail: Danette Haworth’s fantastic and sweet middle-grade debut, Violet Raines Almost Got Struck By Lightning, which I’ve already read and love loved LOVED, C.K. Kelly Martin’s much anticipated–and for good reason–debut, I Know It’s Over (I’m about halfway in and there’s some absolutely incredible voice going on in … Read More

blush swoon blush

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Oh, what a day Thursday was. What A Day, Indeed. Thursday was partly A Day because the first pass pages for Cracked Up to Be came in the mail! First pass pages mean I got to see the book as a book without it being an actual book. Like, I got to see the font, chapter headings–the layout, basically–unbound and … Read More

bad courtney

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I’m in writing mode. My neglected blog, let me show you it! Truth be told, I did try to write an entry a bunch of times in the last week, but they all ended up being about how I bought The Invisible without even seeing it just because Justin Chatwin is hot and I couldn’t relate that in a way … Read More

it’s under yellowstone.

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Supervolcano came earlier this week, but it’s been so hectic I didn’t get to watch it straight away (gasp!). That was tough, I tell you. Last night, I had an amazing internal battle about whether or not I should watch it on my laptop or… write on my laptop. And then I realised I could watch it on television as … Read More

and i’m a writer

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WHY is Tom Hanks’s character smiling at the end of Cast Away? Seriously, if I was Tom Hanks’s character in Cast Away, I’d just curl up into a ball and cry every day for the rest of my life after getting off that island. Damn. Which probably doesn’t say much about my coping skills. But still. WHY?! My sister and … Read More

RIP Bob Clark

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Bob Clark, director of Black Christmas and his 22-year-old son, Ariel, were killed in a car accident today. So, so awful. I feel for his family. :( RIP.

best picture of ’06


I don’t even know how it is possible, but The Trailer Park Boys movie was everything I hoped for and more. There is nothing more I can say. Beautiful. *sniff*


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Today the Trailer Park Boys movie came in the mail and I’m not going to let myself watch it until revisions are done. I ask that you all keep me in your thoughts during this extremely difficult time. Luckily revisions are nearly done and I think (!) the novel is much much better for them. I don’t know what will … Read More