’s new look!

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GUYS! Welcome to the newly reschemed (that is my new favourite word)! Please take a look around, get acquainted with everything! I hope you love it as much as I do, because I absolutely love it. Once again the talent behind this hot new look was Dale Mugford and Duane Storey AKA the masterminds that run BraveNewCode. If you’ll … Read More

video teasers & bookshelves

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Yesterday, on Facebook and Twitter, I released the first of nine (NINE!) video teasers for Some Girls Are. Each teaser includes an audio snippet of the novel, as read by the amazing Kim Hutt, who gave her time and voice to make my mean girl narration come to life (thank you, Kim!). That audio is accompanied by some, well, visuals. … Read More

o hai

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I know, I know. Bad blogger. I’m dealing with an unexpected event right now and it’s an ongoing thing. No worries, but I’ve had and have to prioritize accordingly. Life, dudes. Life. I’ve spent the majority of this week trying to get back on the ball. So far getting back on the ball has involved copying and pasting all the … Read More

better than ray-bans

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I have the best blog readers ever! Not too long ago, reader Melissa sent me a link to a Slate article about Lady Gaga. It’s called How Smart is Lady Gaga? and it’s a great read because it articulates why Lady Gaga is a genius better than I ever could. I agree with a lot of it, except for the … Read More

BSB 4 Evah

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My mother and my sister were doing I don’t know what, but the point is they found a fan letter I wrote to the Backstreet Boys–or ‘The BSB’ as us diehards liked to call them–when I was 11-years-old hidden in an old typewriter at my grandmother’s house! Envelope and all! What great blog entry fodder, I thought, for someone who … Read More

Operation Toto’s Africa

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So I just want to share my latest accomplishment with you all: Mindi Scott, whose debut novel will be published by Simon Pulse in 2010 (can’t wait!), told me she heard Toto’s Africa and thought of me. Other people have said this to me as well. IT’S BECOME A THING! And that makes me so happy! In fact, the latest … Read More

how lady gaga will make you a better writer

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Look at this, you guys. LOOK AT THIS: I love this woman. Lady Gaga is my hero. I think she sets a fine example for the writing community. Speaking as an author, she has a played a large part in my career and my attitude toward my career. In fact, if you write and hope to make a career out … Read More

just dance

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So I got my second editorial letter for Some Girls Are last week and I’m on a considerably tighter deadline than before. And now you know what killed my return to regular blogging! I am on such a tight deadline, you guys, I technically don’t even have time to write this entry to tell you that but since I spent … Read More

happiness is clothed piano polishing

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I’m happy! Why, you ask? Well, first these books came in the mail: Danette Haworth’s fantastic and sweet middle-grade debut, Violet Raines Almost Got Struck By Lightning, which I’ve already read and love loved LOVED, C.K. Kelly Martin’s much anticipated–and for good reason–debut, I Know It’s Over (I’m about halfway in and there’s some absolutely incredible voice going on in … Read More