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So I ordered a Flip Video, which I guess means I’ll be joining the ranks of the vlogging soon (like twitter, I blame this on the lovely Daisy Whitney). I’m excited about it even though I’ve decided I don’t really want to talk to the camera that much, discuss writing or show my face at all. Doomed for failure, that’s … Read More

brian was my favourite

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I do not even want to tell you about how many spiders that have attacked me since I last wrote. Twice in the shower! That’s all I will say. So as you all know, the abandoned draft of Your Mom was pretty much written to pinnacle songs from the nineties. I’ve decided the music is the reason why it failed … Read More

happy valentine’s day

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I think Your Mom is going to be the novel I wrote entirely to songs from the 1990’s, which is so awesome it hurts. Yeah, that’s right. I’m binging on tunes from the 90’s. REMEMBER THESE SONGS? (At least ONE has to take you back. If none of them do, you did not own a radio or you were born … Read More

happy b-day, lori!

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If you do anything at all while you’re internet visiting this site, check out the entry title by clicking the date! Yay! I hunched over the table today and sketched out a volcano so I could change up the aesthetic of the blog a little and ta-da! Here we are. Besides the addition of a hand-drawn volcano, the bio section … Read More


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So I’m really into Tega & Sara which is strange, because for the last five or so years I thought they were just okay and couldn’t really warm to their voices and songs but then I listened to The Con like, 100 times in two days and now I’m completely hooked and I’ve ordered So Jealous and The Con from … Read More

it’s britney, bitch


I think Britney Spears’s new song is awesome. So there. Maybe Dragonette’s overtly sexual-yet-fun body of work has broken that judgemental barrier that prevented me from being a Brit-Brit fan when she was at her peak, but Gimme More seems like a solid musical follow-up for the woman who unleashed Slave 4 U on the world. It’s just really too … Read More

the volcanic winter of our discontent

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Sometimes I sit in front of the word document that is my novel feeling particularly woebegone and then I put on one of Dragonette’s songs and it’s like being born again a writer, which is all I really ask of the music I listen to. I’ve been reading up on volcanic winters! They are fascinating things. Did you know that … Read More


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I think I’ve done enough blog sprucing up that I don’t feel needlessly tortured by the way it looks every time I try to update, so that’s good. There is new content! If you click the ‘who?’ under the info section, you can find out more about who I am! And see my face! I can think of no better … Read More



My Dad gave me an iPod shuffle for my birthday which was super awesome of him. I call it my Dirty Hipster Noisemaker. So far we are inseperable, as humans and their noisemakers go. It has this neat quirk of picking the most cinematic music I have in my music library and playing it when I am doing something terribly … Read More



My Mom totally let me have an NSYNC t-shirt that somehow found its way into our home and I am going to wear it while I listen to Justin Timberlake singing What Goes Around and pondering an incredible passage of time where there once was NSYNC and now there is only Justin Timberlake. Has anyone seen the 9 minute director’s … Read More