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I have bruises on my arm, a bruise on my collarbone and blister on my thumb. I can see my future: death by autoharp. But three days of non-stop practicing has vastly improved my ability to strum, and I can now strum me some Sufjan Stevens. I do believe my Indie Cred has gone up 20 points, bringing my total … Read More

my future career


So the longer it takes this autoharp thing to happen, the greater the expectations I have for the instrument become. With an autoharp, I will become the next Joanna Newsom, with an equally “interesting” voice, except more folksy and bluegrassy! I will play at the local pub and pen lyrics of utter genius! I will be discovered and signed by … Read More

your brain on autoharp

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Revisions are so… I need a word here. Dry? Revisions are so dry, people. Dry work. After the initial excitement of I-am-strengthening-my-book-I-am wears off all that is left is DRYNESS. But I’m still plugging away. That in itself is largely thanks to my novel-in-progress, which is keeping me from revision related eye stabbing. I am getting progressively more excited about … Read More

dear santa


I love, love, love my beautiful piano with all of my heart but, oh, I wouldn’t mind owning one of these. The problem is, if I ever did own one of those (check me when I’m rich), I’ve been told I’d have to get rid of my beautiful piano because one has to replace the other. Apparently my idea of … Read More