i heart laptops

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The best thing about having a laptop is I can do a bunch of things as soon as I wake up, before I have coffee even–WITHOUT LEAVING MY BED. I remember when I had a desktop. Couldn’t do that. Had to get up. Whatevers to that! Laptops are the future, people, mark my words. So today, when I was google-stalking … Read More

cracked up to be on the new media minute!

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I am a big Daisy Whitney fangirl. Her New Media Minute–featured on her site, ABC News, TVWeek–is fun and fab and I love tuning in. So guess how loudly I squealed when I saw this? Cracked Up to Be–the trailer and the book–is on the New Media Minute!!! Check it out right here: !!! Like, I’d record how loudly I … Read More

the last lazy galley giveaway

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HEY GUYS. I am giving away a galley of Cracked Up to Be again! This will be The Last Galley Giveaway and then there will only be unadvanced corrected proofs (with new covers!) of the book out there for you to enjoy. But those won’t be out for a few months so if you don’t want to wait, you should … Read More

read the first two chapters of cracked up to be!

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I am sort of consumed in getting my sparkly pink bodysuit ready in time for Twilight’s theatrical release, so please forgive this drive-by update that is trying to pass as a blog entry… The first two chapters of Cracked Up to Be are now online! Check them out here! Now. Does anyone want to tell me where I can buy … Read More

return of the living cover and trailer!

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Some things don’t need too much of a segue. That said, presenting the new cover for Cracked Up to Be…. You guys, I thought I’d have a hard time letting go of the old cover–but as soon as I saw this one? It was not so hard as I thought. And you guys know how much I loved the old … Read More

hey courtney, where did your trailer/cover go?!

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Not five seconds ago, I was walking down the street and this guy wolf-whistled at me (because I’m hot) and then goes, “HEY COURTNEY WHERE IS YOUR COVER AND YOUR TRAILER? I WENT ON THE INTERNET AND NOTICED THEY WERE GONE, PS YOU ARE HOT.” I was like, “Thanks, bb! And check out my blog for full details!” And then … Read More

the cracked up to be book trailer!

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Wow, my timing is either really horrible or really awesome. I can’t decide! I’ve been wanting to write about book trailers forever, so I wrote last night’s entry thinking, I’ll just do it because who KNOWS when I will be able to share the book trailer for Cracked Up to Be and then my editor emailed me today and was … Read More

win a copy of cracked up to be!

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The ADVANCE UNCORRECTED PROOFS for Cracked Up to Be came in the mail today! They were sent off on Thursday, and then I had to endure an entire weekend AND a civic holiday waiting for them to come while my editor and my agent told me how great they looked and I was like, “IS IT TUESDAY YET?” And then … Read More