An Interview with Realm Lovejoy

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Reasons I love the internet: THE PEOPLE ON IT! They’re so incredibly cool, I don’t even know how the internet hasn’t exploded yet. Surely all the coolness must compromise its infrastructure, or something? I think about this a lot. Especially when I meet a cool new person. Recently, I met a very cool new person and I want to tell … Read More

exemption by forwarding

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Head’s up, peoples: I’m excited to report that I’ll be guest-blogging over at FinePrint agent Colleen Lindsay’s blog, The Swivet! Here is my introduction and here is my first guest-blog, which is about how I got my agent. I’ll be talking shop–about writing YA and getting published–so check it out! (Can I just say I feel kind of funny telling … Read More

patrick’s super socks

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This book is super cute, people. I was lucky enough to win it when Thomas (the author!) held a haiku contest in his blog, and by lucky, I do mean lucky, because the competition was FIERCE. I threw ‘yo’ into my entry just to meet the syllable count (and I was totally caught!), so I thought that would push me … Read More

take note, mr. harper

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I was flipping through my copy of The Gospel According to Saint Pierre, which is a book of Pierre Trudeau quotes, and found this one: Heckler in crowd: Why do you not go to Hollywood? Pierre Trudeau: Well, I will go to Hollywood, and I will bring you along. And you will enjoy yourself. I laughed for like, ten minutes … Read More

question of the day

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Why is George Stroumboulopoulos so cool? Was he born this way? Was it something that happened gradually over time? Like, one day he looked in the mirror and lo’ and behold, he was cool? Actually, that’s one of my many ‘The Origins of George Stroumboulopoulos’s Coolness’ theories, but I suspect it’s wrong. Only George Stroumboulopoulos himself could tell us why … Read More

on with it

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Do you know how many people in my family are born in April? Lots. And then we did the whole Easter thing. And that is why I am 1,000 words short of my goal of 30k, which I meant to meet Sunday. Oh well! When I am a paid writer working with important deadlines, I won’t let things like birthdays … Read More

RIP Bob Clark

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Bob Clark, director of Black Christmas and his 22-year-old son, Ariel, were killed in a car accident today. So, so awful. I feel for his family. :( RIP.



June Callwood’s final interview with George Stroumboulopoulous.


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Expressing shock and/or sorrow at Anna Nicole Smith’s death in a public forum is not indicative of a lack of intelligence or interest in other national and international events, news and politics, global warming, etc., etc., etc., on the poster’s part.

hug your country

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The 28th of this month marks the sixth anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s death. For those not in the know, Trudeau was one of the most enigmatic Prime Ministers in Canadian History. He was voted into 3rd place during CBC’s Greatest Canadian–despite my better efforts to win him the title, sigh–and you’ll meet very few Canadians who respond indifferently when his … Read More