october 3rd


A year ago yesterday, I was in a hospital room, waiting. They brought in reclining chairs and heated blankets. They asked us if we wanted the monitors off in case the sound was too upsetting but we kept them on–wanted to keep them on. A compromise; monitors on, sound off. That weekend the ‘active dying’ had begun. That’s what it’s … Read More

raise your glass

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2011 was weird and painful. There is not a whole lot I want to say about it right now. Today first pass pages for THIS IS NOT A TEST arrived at my door. I went through and made my corrections, which is the last part of the process for me as an author. Next come ARCs, publication…. For my last … Read More

about my dad, by my mom


I am hijacking Courtney’s blog today to pay a small tribute to the love of my life, David Summers, who was taken from us a week ago today. Courtney’s tribute to her father captured him quite perfectly with no room for improvement. But during a time of endings I would like to share a beginning… My father-in-law gets the credit … Read More

thank you


Yesterday, people gathered at my grandmother’s house to celebrate my dad’s life. My dad would have been so touched to see the faces that came out to pay their respects. His brothers. Friends he lost contact with but always thought the world of. Friends and faculty from school, who were such a large part of his world these last two … Read More

david summers, 1955 – 2011


My dad died today. When he was 54, he decided to go back to school to be an environmental technician. It must have been hard going back to college, learning alongside young(er) students at an age in life when people probably assume you’ve got one eye toward retirement, but he did it. He wanted to be an environmental technician, so … Read More



Three years on June 3rd. I like to make note of it on my blog for myself and for him. He used to visit here all the time and loved to read the comments everyone left. He thought it was the most incredible thing, people reaching out to his granddaughter from their computers. I used to check my site stats … Read More

Halloween 2: Attack of the Chipmunk!


So there is this chipmunk at my grandmother’s house that is crazy levels of tame. He thinks he’s people! We are pretty sure he’s going to hibernate in a cozy, secret space in my grandmother’s porch and so we are doing our part to help by interfering with nature making sure he’s set for the winter. We give him lots … Read More

Pumpkin Massacre

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I am eating roasted pumpkin seeds as I type this. YUM! Remember when I said there would be more Fall For Anything giveaways? And you guys called me a liar? Okay, that ‘liar’ part didn’t happen but it all works out because I wasn’t lying! St. Martin’s Press is giving away 24 copies of Fall for Anything on Goodreads right … Read More

grief & writing

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My grandfather has this sweater he’d wear constantly. Blue with black patterning. It’s hard to conjure up a memory with him not wearing it. He had it so long, the wrists wore through and my grandma had to sew them up. After he died I asked if I could have it. I wear it sometimes. The last week of May … Read More