Agent Appreciation Day!

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Some Girls Are Video Teaser #6 contains a little friendly advice, especially for people named Regina: Every time I host a giveaway and people come out of the woodwork to enter it, I am thrilled. So before I announce who won my Some Girls Are ARC giveaway, I just want to thank each and every person who entered and expressed … Read More

On Mean Girls & Writing Some Girls Are

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I’m giving away the first of four ARCs of SGA very soon. This particular giveaway will be on Facebook only. International entries are welcome. Future giveaways will be US & CAN only, so if you’re anywhere else in the world and want the book, you might want to get in on this! What you need to do: add the Facebook … Read More

c’est l’halloween


THIS IS A HALLOWEEN POST! Happy Halloween! It is the most wonderful time of the year! Here is a song I learned in French class about Halloween when I was a kid that I have never ever forgotten. It’s called C’est L’Halloween. Any other Canucks remember this or learn it too? Was it strictly a Canadian thing? In any case, … Read More

o hai

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I know, I know. Bad blogger. I’m dealing with an unexpected event right now and it’s an ongoing thing. No worries, but I’ve had and have to prioritize accordingly. Life, dudes. Life. I’ve spent the majority of this week trying to get back on the ball. So far getting back on the ball has involved copying and pasting all the … Read More

BSB 4 Evah

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My mother and my sister were doing I don’t know what, but the point is they found a fan letter I wrote to the Backstreet Boys–or ‘The BSB’ as us diehards liked to call them–when I was 11-years-old hidden in an old typewriter at my grandmother’s house! Envelope and all! What great blog entry fodder, I thought, for someone who … Read More

For Ken


A year ago today, my grandfather fell suddenly and seriously ill. On June 3rd, he passed away. I debated whether or not I would write anything; a lot of you were there when it happened and it is something that is still very painful to me. Ultimately, I decided I’d observe the 3rd quietly, but I also decided I really … Read More

oh ray


The What Lady Gaga Song Are You? quiz on Facebook revealed I was THE FAME, which means that I am obsessed with celebrity and material things, like designer bags. And while it’s true I sometimes like to OD on Ohnotheydidnt and I do like having things, my materialism is largely driven by music, movies and books. These are the things … Read More

RIP pumpkin

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My pumpkin exploded. LAME. I was like, “You couldn’t have at least exploded in front of or at/on Trick-or-Treaters?” And it was like, “[exploded].” It is too late to buy a replacement pumkin, which is LAMER. Luckily, I am too distracted to be completely annoyed by this. What am I distracted by? The twelve page revision letter I got for … Read More

adventures in pumpkin carving


Yesterday was a nice day. My sister and I carved our pumpkins, which was fun. This is the first time we have carved pumpkins together since she got back from China. The last time we carved pumpkins together, we shared a pumpkin and she almost stabbed me in the head with her carving knife. It was a Kodak moment, as … Read More